10 Indian Bands That You Should Definitely Listen To Right Now

Some might think that the independent scene in India is dying, but we would like to think otherwise—great winds have come but the creative tree bares it all. We also feel that the music scene in India has individuals who have music in every heartbeat… beings who try to find a sound in the unsound. People who build, create, and add colour to the mundane... folks who follow their passion. With wasting much time, here are ten bands from India (among others) that are a sign that India is more than just commercial Bollywood music.   


Dig blues-rock? Then Blackstratblues should be on your playlist. Headed by guitarist Warren Mendonsa, this instrumental rock band truly blooms whilst on stage. The tunes are lined with groovy rhythm lines and well-crafted solos.

The Ganesh Talkies

A band with a quirky sound to say the least. Their concepts and stage antics add to the whole appeal too. There are hot in Kolkata, FYI!

Thaikkudam Bridge

When this fusion band plays you dance. Thaikkudam Bridge has gone from just a homegrown outfit to an international sensation. If you haven’t heard of them, then this is the right time to get “Under the Bridge.”


The called themselves India’s leading Electro Cabaret/Disco/Funk duo and rightly so. Listen to them and you will know what they mean. They have great albums under their name too. This is one group you should really take seriously.

Peepal Tree

Peepal Tree is one quirky rock group… we say quirky because all the folks in the band are well versed in multiple genres and this is why this outfit is this melting pot of genres like rock, pop, funk, the list goes on.   


Call it Experimental/Alternative Electronica or whatever you want, but it’s different than the electronic music we are used to. Komorebi adds fresh and creative vibes to electronic sensibilities, for sure.

Thermal and a Quarter

We would not even waste our time introducing this group because they are one of the oldest bands in the indie scene in India. Their songs are groovy, laced with complex grooves, chord progressions, and backed by tight bass and drums lines. If you are a sucker for lyrics, then Thermal and a Quarter’s writings with inspire you in your creative pursuit.


A happy sounding singer-songwriter outfit. The songs are groovy, mood lifters. And Tejas Menon (the frontman) anchors the band well. Looking for simple joys in a song? Try adding his numbers to your playlist.  


India’s genre-defining Carnatic Progressive Rock act. Their tunes are not just well-composed, but they will make you look at the Carnatic closely. They are great as a live act too.   


This outfit might have had its share of line-up and sound changes, but they have aged like fine wine. Motherjane is a testament that great content trumps everything else. They are the bee’s knees of progressive rock in India, period.


We know that you would like to listen to these bands, so we thought creating a playlist would serve the purpose. Listen to the playlist below.

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