All You Need To Know About Prescription Sunglasses

People who sport eyeglasses, and don’t wear sunglasses because of the trouble you have to go through, we hear you. In this feature, we have a nifty solution to end that.

The answer? Prescription sunglasses!

In a nutshell, they are your regular sunglasses but with prescribed power.

They are stylish, as they are problem-solving. So, no more carrying two frames while going out!

Here’s all you need to know, (and more) about prescription sunglasses.

What are prescription sunglasses? Are they worth it?

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Before buying sunglasses, you need to understand that not all eyewear is created equal (especially for people who wear eyeglasses). We have heard these folks complain—all of them would like to wear or adore the idea of having a pair of sunglasses with them, but they can’t. Wearing a pair of sunglasses means that they would have to figure out things like carrying more than one pair, the fear of losing it, and more. 

But things are changing now because we have something called prescription sunglasses—they are normal sunglasses, but with power.

Advantages of prescription sunglasses

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1. Sunglasses without sacrificing their sight. How cool is that? They will shade the sun as well as add to your vision.
2. These type of sunglasses aid in conditions related to light sensitivity or eye strain. If you are someone who spends most of your time staring, you are in luck.
3. They look cool and are also practical.

Do they protect the eyes from the sun? 

Prescription sunglasses follow certain codes. The main feature is that they shield the eyes from UV light, which can lead to eye damage over a period of time. Also, this is the reason why they are expensive than regular sunglasses. But they will keep your eyes safe no matter what.

Some pairs come with reflective lenses too. They may not protect your eyes, but they are definitely handy while you are out for a drive or on the beach.

The bottom line is that prescription sunglasses protect your eyes.

What about transition or photochromatic lenses

Sunglasses too cool for you? Then you can pick frames transition or photochromatic lenses too. The lenses turn darker when they are exposed to the sun. This can be a good alternative, and you can wear them outdoors or indoors.

Is prescription sunglasses worth compared to cost?

This again depends on a few factors like the brand and the style. These are big differentiators. Also, it’s pretty practical, right? A bigger brand will have better quality and the materials used will certainly be better. Like the lenses will be of a higher grade and so on. All these put together, affect the build and the feel of the final product.

How do I choose the right style?

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Well, it’s simple, pick the one you like—a style that you would like to carry around everywhere. Also, your sunglasses should help showcase and amplify your personality, so pick something that goes hand-in-hand with your personality. Don’t worry about the shape and size, it’s 2018 and you will be spoilt for choice

Are prescription sunglasses polarised?

As you might be aware, it’s 2018 and clip-on's that go over your eyeglasses are numbered. That’s why prescription polarised sunglass lenses are the way forward. These lenses offer clear, UV-protected vision while letting you soak up as much sun as you want with style, of course. 

Are prescription sunglasses UV protected?

Your main concern when purchasing prescription sunglasses should be “does the lenses block 100% of the harmful UV rays?”

Further, you need to understand that UV protection has nothing to do with the tint and density of the shade in the lenses. That means you can wear any lens colour you like. If your optician verifies that the lenses provide 100% UV protection, you are good to go.

If you are looking for added protection, from water bodies, reflective surfaces and more, prescription polarised sunglasses are also available. Yes! 

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Can you wear prescription sunglasses indoors?

The answer is… yes, you can.

You will be surprised by the fact that you can wear them indoors and outdoors. Let us also tell you that wearing them indoors has their advantages and they can help you in many ways. Read on to know more about the advantages of prescription sunglasses below:

They block blue light from computers

What is Blue light?

The sun emits red, orange, yellow, green and blue light rays, and blue light is one among them. This blue light (in lesser frequency) is also emitted by computer and mobile phone screens.

This blue light is not good for the eyes and might even be a cause for headaches and nausea. They are also known to disrupt your sleep cycle. Have you ever notice why people are wide awake for hours after using their phones or computers?

Keeping your sunglasses on while working on your computer can help you to avoid these problems. Wearing a pair of vision-correcting sunglasses that look good and keep you protected is an important part of maintaining your (eye) health. 

Can I wear prescription sunglasses with contacts? 

Absolutely not! Because it lessens the degree of sight due to the power present in the sunglasses and contact lenses. It is fine if the contacts are cosmetic, (those that come with zero power). In other words, we would not advise anyone to wear prescription sunglasses with contacts because it’s not safe!

How to buy prescription sunglasses? 

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It all boils down to what kind of lifestyle you lead, and things that influence you in daily life. For instance, the music you listen to or the profession you are in, affect your choices and buying behaviour. In a nutshell, we think you should look for something that you really have a connection with, that way you will enjoy wearing your sunglasses more.

But quick pointers to remember are:

1. All people have either cool (blue-based) or warm (yellow-based) colouring.
2. Everyone looks best in his or her own colour base.
3. Eyewear colour should complement personal colouring. 

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How are prescription sunglasses made?

The first phase while making these glasses start with finding the power of the prescription. This means that an eye test is required.

Once that is done, the value or the number is sent off to the lab where the lenses are created accordingly.

An intricate process of the prescription eyeglasses start. The lab technician takes the lens blank close to the basic prescription thickness and puts it into a machine that grinds it to the required curve.

The thickness of the lens is determined by the curve needed to fill a prescription and by the type of material the lens is made of.

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The grinding goes through a painstaking process because they have to exact and they have to be 100% scratch-free too. 

After that, the lenses are edged to fit the frame. The eyeglasses are then tinted or coated for UV protection where they are dipped into a tinting solution. After that, all the quality checks are done. If they meet the requirements, they are packaged and sent out.

Prescription sunglasses for running

The first point of getting good sports sunglasses is to protect your eyes. And if you are running then it becomes even more important. Reports show that only 5% of people who go for a run in the morning or participate in races actually use sunglasses. It’s always good to carry sunglasses for times like these because it helps cut out glare from the sun and make navigation easy. Sunglasses that are crafted for running are equipped with elements that can add to your vision.

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Prescription sunglasses care

Use a clean microfiber cloth

The first step to have a clean pair of sunglasses is a clean microfiber cloth. If you cloth is dirty your glasses will always have smudges, or rough dust particle might scratch your lenses. Also, clean the wiping cloth with warm water and a mild washing powder, and thoroughly wash them every time you think they are dirty.

Keep them in a case

Keep them inside a case if you are not using them. This will keep it dust free and protect it from scratches and accidental smudges.

Never use the inside of your shirt to clean the lenses

This is a strict no, no. Because the material will damage the coating on the lenses.

So before you ask us one more time, “Are prescription sunglasses worth it?” We would like to say… they are, for sure. 

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