Glassic Answers: Are Sunglasses Waterproof?

Sunglasses are waterproof? Well, it depends on what sort of beach you are going to. If it’s a saltwater beach and you have metal sunglasses then we would not recommend wearing them in the water.

Also, keep your sunglasses out of the water if your piece has silicone nose pads on them. Once the salt water dries off, it will be difficult to take it off. This might even lead to irritation in your skin. If they are made of acetate then it shouldn't be a problem.

The most important point though: If your sunglasses have an anti-reflective coating on the lenses then please don’t dunk them in water.  

But, if you are visiting a freshwater beach then things will be okay, but make sure you wipe them thoroughly after use. And use a band to secure them because sometimes sunglasses slip off. You don’t want to lose your sunglasses while surfing or diving.

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