Back To School With Stylish Eyeglasses From Glassic

Some of you might be going back to school, and if you wear eyeglasses this may be the perfect time to get a new pair of eyeglasses...


Eyeglasses might be the only accessory where a bit of flamboyance is okay. No wonder eyeglasses have become a true trend for the back to school season. And while you will be focused on assignments, preps, exams and fun with friends, a new pair of statement eyeglasses is a must.

On that note, here are a few eyeglasses from Glassic that will fit well this season.

Round eyeglasses

King in Midnight Blue

If you wear glasses, you are back to school and would want to change your eyeglasses then round eyeglasses/frames is the one you should choose. Round eyeglasses are not just in trend this year, but they add mysterious vibes and promote that intellectual look. Something we all crave for, don’t we?

Here are round eyeglasses from Glassic. Try Arrant if you want the vintage vibe or Gary if you are looking for something contemporary.

Rectangle eyeglasses

Hank in Midnight Blue

Searching for versatile eyeglasses? Then rectangle eyeglasses are the one to pick. They are vintage, yet carry a modern vibe. Since Rectangle eyeglasses are versatile they are available in an array of colours and tones too.

Glassic's rectangle eyeglasses are the perfect back to school accessory—from semi-rimless frames like Hank to sleek frames like Raymond in colours like red, brown, or black, there's one for everyone.

Square eyeglasses

Stout in Midnight Black

Square eyeglasses were there all thought-out the 60s, but it’s come back with a bang! They are frames that are highly popular with students because of pop-culture references.

If you are thinking of picking up square eyeglasses then eyeglasses like Gene, and Stout are some worthy pairs.   

Multicoloured frames

Glassic Felix Olive Grey Tortoise

Would doesn’t like a bit of colour, eh? And what better way to go back to school then with colourful frames. Popular with the ladies, they can add a sense of substance in a man’s wardrobe too. They look particularly good with formals and can be matched with cool casuals too.

Look for multicoloured frames like Queen, FelixPearl or even Billy.

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Tortoiseshell eyeglasses

Glassic Arrant Tortoise

We must have told this about a thousand times—tortoiseshell eyeglasses can be paired with anything. They also help accentuate the face in more ways than one. We think tortoiseshell eyeglasses make the perfect back to school eyeglasses.

If you wear them, then it means you care about a fashion statement that has been there for more than 400 years! No wonder they are one of the eyeglasses trends for 2018. They are the coolest pair of eyeglasses that you would ever own, period!

If you are scanning through our website for tortoiseshell eyeglasses then look for unusual suspects like Stout, Loop, or Hank. Fancy something that's out there? Then we suggest Felix, Chief or Grunge.

Clear frames

Glassic Loop Crystal Blue

Clear frames are clearly the new eyeglasses in the block. And these frames were made popular by celebrities like Lilly Singh and Samuel L. Jackson. Clear eyeglasses are popular among school-going teenagers because of pop-culture phenomena like K-Pop, and more. You know that Korean Glasses are a thing, right? 

If you are looking for clear frames then Loop in Crystal Blue might do the trick.


Which of our stylish eyeglasses will you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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