Beatboxer Dilip Sakhrani On Following His Passion And Listening To His Gut

Age has nothing to do with creativity and twenty-year-old, Bangalore-based beatboxer Dilip Sakhrani stands true to this statement. It all started with Armin van Buuren’s tune Ping Pong, and as Sakhrani recalls, ‘he ended up flicking his throat to the tune of the song’. That was about three years ago. Since then, Sakhrani has performed at numerous venues around India (one of them was Life’s A Beach-Box: Goa Beatbox Battle at Arambol, Goa—one of the biggest Hip-hop festivals in India). He is also the first ever Indian to participate in ‘7 to smoke.’ (2018)—one of the biggest beatbox battles in the world. Sakhrani also wishes to become the Indian beatbox champion in the competitive side of beatboxing. If this is what his start looks like, we are sure he will reach new artistic heights in no time.

We at Glassic catch up with the young and enthusiastic beatboxer, who fills us up on his sources of inspiration, what it takes to be a beatboxer, and his love for sunglasses. We find out more in this segment of the #shadesofsoundseries.     


How and why did you get into beatboxing? What was it that caught your eyes and ears?

I was listening to the song Ping Pong by Armin van Buuren and ended up flicking my throat to the tune of the song. I then got hooked on watching YouTube videos of people beatbox and developed a different style of beatboxing.

This genre is not an easy one for sure, could you tell us what other than practice goes into being a good beatboxer?

Other than practice, experimenting plays a vital role in being a good beatboxer. Experimenting with different sounds, melodies, genre’s, and more, helps you expand your creativity.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Listening to different genres of music and incorporating it with beatboxing is definitely one. I’m also inspired by professional beatboxers like Dharni, Ball-Zee, D-low, Zekka and many other great beatboxers too.

Why do you think there is a sudden crazy about beatboxing in India?

Beatboxing isn’t a fully developed art form. Every now and then people discover ways of making different sounds from the mouth and use these sounds in different Indian beats, which has helped in increasing the craze of beatboxing in India, for sure.

Things you would like to achieve as a beatboxer? The most nerve-wracking thing you have done as a beatboxing artist?

I want to become the Indian beatbox champion in the competitive side of beatboxing. The most nerve-wracking thing I have done as a beatboxer is I have continued beatboxing on stage with loud whistles while my microphone went off! (laughs)

One of the most memorable gigs you have played till date? Why?

Life's A Beach-Box: Goa Beatbox Battle at Arambol, Goa is in one of the biggest Hip-hop festivals in India. This is because it was the first time that I beatboxed at the Goa Hip-hop festival and the crowd enjoyed a lot and really responded well to my beats.

What do sunglasses mean to you?  

Sunglasses mean a lot to me, you can tell by noticing that I always wear sunglasses during my performances. I’ve always been fond of wearing sunglasses since my childhood.

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