7 Beach Sunglasses To Pick In 2018

Sunlight is important for everyone because it is the main source of vitamin D. This is the reason why we feel re-energised and stress-free after soaking under the sun! On the flip side, the ultraviolet rays existing in sunlight can have negative effects on your eyes and skin. That’s why it ideal to take necessary precautions when you are out in the sun like applying sunscreen lotion and using sunglasses.  

Ultraviolet rays present in the sun rays can give rise to eye problems. They could also be responsible for causing cataracts or macular degeneration, which ultimately leads to reduced eyesight.

Couple at the beach wearing sunglasses

Choosing your Beach Sunglasses

If you are hitting the beach we would recommend you opt for sunglasses that come with a larger lens. The bigger the lens, the better the shade, and protection. But it all boils down to your choice.

Opt for sunglasses that are comfortable and appropriate for where you’re going to. Make sure the frame is not too tight but comfortable. Also, pick sunglasses that has 100 per cent polarised lenses for extra protection from the glare of the sun.

You’ve probably come across polarised lenses with colour gradients or tints, such as green, yellow or blue. They’re not just for adding to your looks, tints can provide extra protection from overhead sunlight when driving, while still allowing for enough light to filter through the bottom so that you can see where you’re going. Different tint colours are suitable for different environments. Yellows are great for foggy or low light conditions, while browns are suitable for the sunny weather.

If you are regular goer to the beach and a diver we recommend your invest on some good straps. They can prevent you from losing your sunglasses while playing and running around on the beach.

Here are some key sunglasses that would be fit for a day at the beach.

The classic pilot

Governor Glassic

They don’t call it the trusty pilot for no reason. It’s a classic shape, and the great thing is that it goes well with anything you wear. It’s quirky, chiselled-looking and lightweight what more do you need?

Governor, our much-loved pilot-shape sunglasses would be a great pick.


Jobs Glassic

Feel vintage-esque then round sunglasses would be nice if you are thinking of hitting the beach in style. Going for the boho chic, these sunglasses will complete that for you.  

Jobs—lightweight and distinctive, and its mirrored lenses with 100 per cent UV protection would look cool.    

The Geometric Shape

Cockpit Glassic

They are perfect for a lazy Sunday beach visit with your friends, or if you attending a wedding at the beach. Geometric shape sunglasses look distinctive because of its accentuates lines that compliment your face.

Cockpit with its distinctive cuts and unconventional looks helps take the Geometric shape an extra mile.

Gold & Black

Knot Glassic

This one doesn’t come to us as a surprise—frames with golden frames and black lenses are a fashion staple. They also compliment your face and beach clothes really well. Pair these with your favourite two-tone florals!

A sunglasses silhouette for large face shapes, Knot in gold pair a huge pilot shape stainless steel frame, with a stylish brow bar and flexible springs. If you are looking for gold and black frames for the beach, this is the one.  


Stout Glassic

This is another one that been a love mark for a long time. Tortoise frames have attained a high status in the world of sunglasses because of its design that mimics the back of a turtle. Also, it comes in many hues.  

Looking for tortoiseshell sunglasses? Can we suggest Stout? It comes in mirrored and non-mirrored tints, and an array of colour options, so you can pick the frame and match them to the place you are headed to!  

Sleek Black

Ace Glassic

Sleek black, because how can anybody have enough of this colour!

If sleek black is the one then Ace might get the job done. It’s sleek design, paired with retro-square frames, and wide brow wires, Ace has the beach written all over it. And it comes in black!

The Lux Orange

Tony Glassic

Did anyone say luxe Orange? We might have just the one for you—Tony! Laid back, suave, ladies’ man, loves the beach. If the backstory of the sunglasses is built with this idea in mind, how can we not add it to a story like this? Tony’s striking mirrored lenses with help you stand out for sure.


Which one(s) will you pick while you are heading to the beach this season? Let us know in the comment below.

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