Best Sunglasses To Travel With This Season

If you think that a pack of sunscreen is more important than your sunglasses then you are missing out. A pair of sunglasses should be with you regardless of the fact that you travel.

Travel sunglasses are important in the glaring savannah, as they are in the snowy peaks of Arunachal Pradesh.

Ultraviolet rays can be up to eight times more powerful in snowy areas because of its reflective properties.

People with light-coloured eyes are at more risk of sunlight-related eye damage. So, wearing a good pair of sunglasses is just as important as applying sun lotion.

Opt for sunglasses that are comfortable and appropriate for where you’re going to. Make sure the frame is not too tight but comfortable.

Also, pick sunglasses that has 100 per cent polarised lenses for extra protection from the glare of the sun.

Girl wearing sunglasses on the beach

What is polarisation?

Polarisation to your sunglasses is like the SPF to your sunscreen. To understand it well, it is important to understand how light works. Since sunlight is the main source of light, once it reaches the earth, is absorbed, reflected and refracted in all elements we see around us. And these elements are water, glass, plastics, and the ground.

Once it’s reflected, this light travels in a horizontal direction and hits our eyes, causing visual discomfort, and in some cases, even temporary blindness. We have all been in situations when surplus sunlight has hindered the view especially near lakes or the beach, right? This is exactly what happens when you don’t have polarised glasses.

What are the key advantages of Polarised Sunglasses?

Glare can cause strain in your eyes. And polarised sunglasses can offer better visual comfort and clarity, by cutting that out. For drivers going on road trips in the summer, polarised sunglasses reduce glare from the vehicle’s hood or smooth road surfaces. There are similar effects when you are near water bodies. 

Lens Material/Quality

Glass lenses are great but they might shatter if you drop them. Plastic lenses too are lightweight and cheap. Meanwhile, polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof, strong and thin, do not get scratched easily.

Tints and Gradients

You’ve probably come across polarised lenses with colour gradients or tints, such as green, yellow or blue. They’re not just for adding to your looks, tints can provide extra protection from overhead sunlight when driving, while still allowing for enough light to filter through the bottom so that you can see where you’re going.  Different tint colours are suitable for different environments. Yellows are great for foggy or low light conditions, while browns are suitable for the sunny weather.

Travel sunglasses for style and fun

It’s important to look stylish when you travel, so pick something that is in trend, something that looks cool, and protects your eye. Classic styles are always good when you want to play safe—like a pilot or a square shape. But if you want to experiment then bold-coloured and mirrored frames will be great. On that note, there are 10 best travel sunglasses from Glassic you should travel with this year.

1. Governor

Governor Glassic

Everyone needs a cool pair of pilot-shape sunglasses while travelling, it’s a norm! Here’s why Governor is our #1 best selling pilot-shape sunglasses. Since people really love pilot-shape sunglasses and mostly use them when they are outdoors, Governor is ideal for such situations. It’s quirky, and chiselled-looking—something that is lightweight, with all the other bells and whistles. Governor is one of the top sunglasses to travel with.

2. Cockpit

With distinctive, sharp cuts, Cockpit offers a differential product with a popular shape—pilot. It is always better to opt for a larger frame if you think you will be out in the sun the whole day. Because the bigger the frame more the protection from the sun. Match these with your favourite two-tone florals. (Read how to pair Sunglasses with Floral shirts this summer)

3. Tony

Tony Classic

Laid back, suave, ladies’ man, loves the beach. If the backstory of the sunglasses is built with this idea in mind, how can we not add it to a story like this? Tony’s striking mirrored lenses with help you stand out for sure. So, what’s it going to be? Ibiza, La Tomatina or Tomorrowland?

4. Jobs M

Jobs Glassic

If we had these on, we would be chilling in a hippy populated beach in Goa. Well, why not? Its vintage feel promotes such vibes. Jobs is lightweight and distinctive, and its mirrored lenses come with 100 per cent UV protection.  

5. Finch

Finch Glassic

Why should all sunglasses be black? Stand out of the crowd with pop colours in sunglasses that are light in weight and heavy on style! We would like to recommend these, if you want something light, functional, and uber-cool looking travel sunglasses, you should pick Finch.

6. Banner

Banner Glassic

Pilot-shape sunglasses made with acetate that features a solid construction. Banner will show you just how high street fashion borrows itself from anything and everything vintage. A slender-looking frame that comes with polarised lenses. Wear them and look dapper in every travel Instagram post of yours.

7. Ace

Ace Glassic

Our newly launched Ace can be a perfect option if you are travelling this year because vintage-square shape sunglasses with wide double bridges are trending this year. Another reason why you should take it with you is the fact that it’s not chunky, it’s crafted in a size, where you can carry it around easily.  

8. Stout

Stout Glassic

Tortoiseshell frames are one of the sunglasses trends for spring/summer 2018. If you like tortoiseshell frames then Stout should be your travel sunglasses, for sure. It comes in mirrored and non-mirrored tints, and an array of colour options, so you can pick the frame and match them to the place you are headed to!  

9. Quad

Quad Glassic

Four corners that come together to make a really stylish pair of frames. If we had to pick one for our travels, this would be it. It pairs a striking, clean acetate design, and the frame sits in your face in such a way that it makes you look utterly mysterious. Quad comes in a clear (crystal) option too (with green lenses), and we think it looks freaking cool! Now all you need is a quaint space over-looking the skyline! They are best sunglasses for the beach too. 

10. Knot

Knot Glassic

We have seen people (especially women) wearing huge sunglasses when they travel or when they hit the beach. Knot would be great for all of that, and more. A sunglasses silhouette for large face shapes, Knot pair a huge pilot-shape stainless steel frame, with a stylish brow bar and flexible springs. 

So, which sunglasses will you pick to travel this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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