Coloured Lens Sunglasses And Why They Are So Cool

If you thought all coloured lens sunglasses are the same, think again. Coloured lens sunglasses don’t just add to your good looks but they have a technical and utilitarian side to them too. Here are a few coloured lens sunglasses and their benefits.

Blue Lens Sunglasses

Governor Beach Gold Glassic

Yes, we know— Blue Lens Sunglasses are for the fashion forward, but it has its technical quirks too! They are known to reduce glare to a huge extent. Also, they add a calming effect to the eye and keep it stress-free. They are best for snowy or foggy conditions but can be worn during moderate sunlight. They are best if you are visiting the beach because Blue Lens Sunglasses deepen the blues of the ocean and sky.

Blue’s your favourite colour? Then you will definitely love Governor in Beach Gold.

Yellow Lens Sunglasses

Crosswind in Amber Magic For Men

Yellow lens Sunglasses are great if you are looking for qualities like depth perception and contrast. Yellow lenses are also known to filter out blue light. Yellow lens Sunglasses play an important role during activities like skeet shooting because it filters the blue light coming from the sky, giving you a more detailed vision.  

And it’s all Yellow? Check out Crosswind in Amber Magic.  

Pink Lens Sunglasses

Kim in Foxy Pink Glassic

You might think that Pink lens Sunglasses are just for style and trend purposes, but that might not be entirely true. Pink lens Sunglasses help reduce eye strain. They also add contrast. Pink lens Sunglasses are good for riding/driving as they are known to provide good road visibility. They also increase depth.  

Ladies! Pink is the colour of passion. Presenting Kim in Foxy Pink. She is the bomb!

Green Lens Sunglasses

Stout in Tortoise Green Glassic

They are all weather-proof sunglasses and can be worn during activities like cycling, fishing, and water sports. They project colours evenly and is great for low lighting conditions.

Stout M in Tortoise Green is all you need to turn people green with envy, oh, yeah!

Purple Lens Sunglasses

Chelsea in Deep Purple

If you are looking for something trendy and boutique, then purple lens sunglasses are the ones to pick. Not just that, Purple lens Sunglasses enhances colour perception and helps define shapes clearly.  

Chelsea in Deep Purple is way louder than ‘Deep Purple.’ Now, that’s quite a statement, isn’t it?  

What coloured sunglasses are your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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