Top 5 Stunning Date Dress Options That Will Make Him Go Weak In His Knees

First dates are all about setting the vibes right, and your date dress will add to the whole shebang! Also, making an effort on your first date shows that you take things seriously, and don’t just show up!

So without making your wait, here are five splendid date dress options and sunglasses that you should give a thought when going on your first date. 

Date dress option 1: Mini skirt and pilot sunglasses

Date dress Mini skirt and pilot sunglasses

A mini skirt might be the first option many would opt for when they are thinking of a date dress, just because it’s so versatile—it can be layered with anything. Also, if it gets a little chilly you can always pair it with a jacket.

In this case, match your skirt with your jacket, and wear something white (as a khaki shirt seen above), because it will make your skirt stand out. Also, please choose your shoes creatively. A peep-toe, pumps or cat heels would be nice. Complete your date dress look with mirrored pilot sunglasses.   

Date dress option 2: Dressy shorts/rompers and mirrored sunglasses

Date dress Dressy shorts/rompers and mirrored sunglasses

Dressy shorts/rompers and sunglasses could be another option for a date dress just because its trendy. They pair well with accessories like jewellery and your sunglasses, of course. Rompers garner a cutesy vibe because they come in an array of shade, with prints and everything. Throw in a pair of vintage mirrored shades, crop top, a poncho or a sheer jacket in the mix with cat heels, and your date dress is ready—catty and upbeat!

Date dress option 3: Cool casuals and vintage sunglasses

Date dress Cool casuals and vintage sunglasses

Cool casuals and sunglasses—if you have comfort in mind then take the cool casuals route. Since joggers are in, let’s start with that. There is only going up from here. A loose white t-shirt paired with an 80s-style bomber jacket and vintage round sunglasses. Don’t forget your sling bag. Now for the finisher—the shoes. Select trainers, that come with a vintage vibe, and wear them with a pair of no-show-socks, please? Now, go and slay with this date dress!

Date dress option 4: The good old-fashioned sari and round sunglasses

Date dress sari and round sunglasses

A sari? On a date? Yes, and he will not know what hit him! But before that, we would recommend you figure out if you would be able to pull it off and if you have worn a sari before! After that, pick a sari that has a casual vibe.

Further, it’s also about how you tie your sari. Something like this would be great—bohemian chic. Now mix this date dress with round sunglasses—sari and sunglasses are the bee’s knees! And that’s how you roll. 

Date dress option 5: A breezy kurta and large sunglasses

Date dress kurta and large sunglasses

A breezy kurta can also be a great date dress. They are stunning, and comfortable to the core. And have you ever tried pairing kurtas with large sunglasses? They are a killer combo. Also, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to kurtas! If you love Indo-Westerns then this is a definite pick. 

If you are looking for sunglasses to complement with your date dress then you can look at these below. 

Which of these date dress options would try? Let us know in the comments below.

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