Earthy Hues—Eyewear Colour Trend For 2018

What are earthy tones?

Earthy Tones or an Earth Tone is a colour palette that comprises of nudes, browns, tans at large. Earthy hues are muted and flat and try to emulate the natural colours found in soil, moss, trees and rocks. That’s the reason why these tones come from natural things around us (brown soil, green leaf, sky, as well as the red sun). The USP of these palettes is that they can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere.

Here are some earthy tones that are trending in eyewear right now.

Sunglasses in tortoise shells

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Tortoise shell frames don’t just look stunning, but they help add depth to the wearers face. Further, they come in more than one colour like amber, yellow or even blue tortoise shell patterns. A choice is always great, right?

Brown lens sunglasses

Last year was the year of translucent yellow lenses, and this year it’s the year for red-coloured sunglasses. These type of sunglasses add so much curiosity to the face.   

Fun fact: If you are looking for multi-faceted sunglasses then see if you can get shades that pair with brown lenses. Also, a brown lens (unlike black lenses) suit almost anyone.

Here are a few sunglasses in earthy tones that you can pick up at Glassic this season. 

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