Flag-Bearers Of Progressive Rock Music In India

India’s progressive scene has a silent underbelly, its lives in the shadows, and it reveals itself only when the time’s right. These are fewer prog rock bands in the country, but incidentally, they are some of the biggest names in the indie scene in India and abroad. If you are not familiar with them yet, we suggest that you get started. Here are some progressive rock bands in India.      


This outfit might have had its share of line-up and sound changes, but they have aged like fine wine. Motherjane is a testament that great content trumps everything else. They are the bee’s knees of progressive rock in India, period.  


India’s genre-defining Carnatic Progressive Rock act. Their tunes are not just well-composed, but they will make you look at the Carnatic closely. They are great as a live act too. Their sound explores the enigmatic side of progressive music, and connects it with Indian sounds.     


Where do we start with this group? Their tunes are peppy, well-composed and they seamlessly blend into what the band is, as far as their sound is concerned.

Amogh Symphony

If you want a visceral experience then we reckon you listen to this outfit. The titles are not songs but concepts. They also have an intimidating sound, musicians will know exactly what we mean!


How can a story on prog music in India be complete without a mention of Skyharbor? The band not only has a catchy name, but they have the meat and the potatoes to stand for this quirky name too. Check them out now!  

How many of these bands have you caught live? 

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