6 Floral Printed Shirts And How To Match them with Sunglasses

You might think of floral printed shirts as something you might wear if you are part of the “flower power brigade” but that’s not the case. They can be worn for any occasion, and since folks wear it rarely, people will steal a glance at you for sure.

And because they are so vibrant, they pair well with accessories too, especially with sunglasses. You can match them keeping the hue of your sunglasses in mind, or pick a classic shape to complement your look. On that note, here are our top tips on how to wear floral print shirts and pair them with the right sunglasses.

1. Two-tone floral

If you want to stick with the basic floral printed shirt available online, then a two-tone floral shirt will go well with a khaki-coloured trouser or even cotton shorts. Don’t forget to pair them with a pair of pilot shape sunglasses like Cockpit or Duke. We already feel the Miami vibes. 

2. The mystical side

Love floral printed shirts with mystical creatures in them? Then opt for something similar this summer. It’s white, that means it will keep you cool, and it comes in a print, that means you will look cool. That should be paired with grey denims, and Banner or Quad.  

Banner In Blue From Glassic

3. Gangster’s paradise

We might not have been inspired by Pablo Escobar’s way of life, in the mini-series Narcos, but we really liked what he wore, especially the floral shirts! Here is something that brings back the gangster blue back. And we have just the right sunglasses that you can pair it with—Pablo! Check out the sunglasses and you will know exactly what we mean. Now, it’s time to hit the beach.

4. Water-Bled florals: The SS18 floral print trend

We never thought watercolour-inspired abstract designs of flowers would make its way into what we wear, but it has. If this is something that might have caught your fancy then we would recommend you to run with it, because it doesn’t get more pop-culture-esque than this. We reckon you even it out with a large, dark, framed sunglasses like Knot or Cockpit. Mirrored finishes would also do. 

5. From the Tropics

Tropical prints and the summer pair really well. For people uncertain about tropical prints, these design mostly comprise prints or illustrations of leaves and not flowers. Tropical prints can be a good option for men would feel florals are a bit too feminine for their taste. These might vibe well with square shape sunglasses like Ace or Stout. If you are looking to experiment with colour then you can pair them with something bright like Tony as well.

6. Ditsy florals

If you don’t want something that is “in your face floral” then Ditsy florals will do the trick. The etchings are small, and you will have to look really close to find the details. Since they have a vintage vibe to them, you can pair these with Jobs—our quintessential vintage round shape sunglasses.

 Which print are you pairing with what sunglasses? Let us know in the comments below.

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