Glassic’s New Flagship Store In Indiranagar Is Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Eyewear Space

Everyone dreams, but only the fearless have the will to turn their dreams into reality. And Kailash and Devesh Nichani, brothers in arms, and founders of Glassic—a label that designs and manufactures their own eyewear, fit this description quite aptly. But where are we taking this, you ask? It’s been three years since Glassic’s inception and they have finally unveiled their first flagship store in Bangalore about a week ago.

The space at 12th Main, Indiranagar—“a Goliath store, with a David approach” (we will get back to that later) is spread across 1400 square feet and is probably the biggest eyewear store in Indiranagar. And what’s interesting is that the store follows an open, non-counter intrusive blueprint so that it’s easy to walk around and explore.

The concept behind the space

Glassic flagship store

Glassic has been around for three years, but why a store now? Why not something at the beginning? To this Kailash adds, “We’ve got a great response for our eyewear online. Many people were comfortable buying it online because of our easy 14-day returns and refund policy. However, there were many people who also wanted to try on our eyewear physically and buy it. This was the main motivation behind starting our retail store.”

He also tells us that their flagship store will add an edge over their online counterpart... sort of feed off of each other. He also feels that retail is a tangible entry into a brand’s psyche. The customer gets to stand in the heart, brain and soul of a brand. “I believe this is an important part of the overall experience. We hope to gain discoverability online and drive traffic to our stores from there.”

"However, there were many people who also wanted to try on our eyewear physically and buy it. This was the main motivation behind starting our retail store."

Thinking out of the box: Not your regular eyewear store

Glassic flagship store

Interestingly, the space doesn’t seem like your usual run-of-the-mill optical store? Was the design a conscious decision? “If we do something that everyone else does, how would we be different? This was our thinking since the inception and has always helped Glassic stand apart from the crowd,” enthuses Kailash.

Adding, “During my days at retailing in my family business, I always wondered why were glasses sold with such seriousness and I could never wrap my head around the need for lab coats.”

“We always wanted to be a fun and easy to use type of brand. At the same time, we understand the seriousness of being precise with our products. We’re minimalistic and are in deep love with our products. This was imperative to be displayed in the store.”

The review: Design and aesthetic

Glassic flagship store

"I always wondered why were glasses sold with such seriousness and I could never wrap my head around the need for lab coats."

As you step in, you enter the front section of the store—a space that looks like a lobby with clean walls on one side and rustic-looking brickwork on the other. And the first thing you will notice is that the space looks nothing like your usual run-off-the-mill eyewear store. For instance, clichéd pictures inspired from the 80s don’t don the walls, and bright lights are swapped with cute focus light with yellow hues, something you would not get to see at your regular optical store.

Like the products, the store also follows a simple, realistic and uncluttered approach.

Glassic flagship store

Walk a little further and you reach the heart of the store—the help desk located at the centre, with the Glassic logo tucked subtly in the backdrop. The products are placed all around on simple-yet-chic removable racks, and the focus lights add to the entire look and feel. There are about 270 pieces on display nicely spread out so that visitors can understand each product and try them on with ease. The store uses the space really well. Design and fashion come together seamlessly here, for sure.

Further, what gives the store an earthy vibes are the indoor plants near the help desk. The idea was to add a bit of nature into the mix, which comes out pretty well. There is also an eye testing space at the interior of the store.

Online and offline come together

Glassic flagship store

The space is a marriage of the online and the offline. Hence, they have the e-commerce touch to it. One is met with collections as soon as you enter the store and then the store opens up to Glassic’s wide-ranging collections.

General collections are kept as per shapes and face sizes they are meant for. This way it’s easy for a customer to navigate in both places. Finding a product within a collection or finding the right product for oneself, it’s all simple and fun!

The billing is seamless and quick too. Once you decide on a product, they bill it right on their iPads in front of you, pack it in two minutes and you’re good to go. Don’t worry about the invoice, they’ll email/text it to you right away!

Glassic flagship store

To close things, Glassic’s flagship store is a great space to get to know the fun aspects of the brand and how differently they do things.  

Visit the store now an experience a new way of buying eyewear. First 200 visitors will get a 20% off on any purchase until 31st July!  

Location: Glassic,1153, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar

Phone: 080-3069 5300

View the 360 version of the store below. 

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