Fashion Sunglasses That Take Inspiration From The Punk Genre

Since we seem to naturally gravitate towards classic outfits like Ramones, Youth Gone Mad, Sex Pistols, and The Clash, we thought, how cool would it be if we could dedicate an entire collection to these musical heavyweights and the punk genre? And that’s how our new fashion sunglasses for Spring/Summer Collection was born.

 The all new range (like the genre) retains the fluidity, but it’s gritty, captivating, loud and independent. Every pair of sunglasses here will help you identify your carefree side, for sure. On that note, say hello to Crosswind, Ace, and Convex, our new summer sunglasses.     

Crosswind, your upbeat summer sunglasses

Crosswind Glassic

Meet Crosswind, a quirky-looking half-framed summer sunglasses that was created keeping the outdoor enthusiast in mind—the avid cyclist, the rider, the runner, and much more. Since Crosswind is made for activity, the construction pans towards that and just that. In a nutshell, Crosswind is your ticket to that high octane-inducing lifestyle you always dreamed of.     

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Ace, fashion sunglasses on the go! 

Ace Glassic

Want a conversation starter for spring summer 2018? Then look no further than Ace. It’s modern yet, vintage design is a sight for sore eyes. And what makes this a catch is the double-nose bridge construction in the frame, and a funky-looking springs in the temple. Interestingly, since this has that Taxi Driver feel to it, we reckon you will be looking at the mirror sporting Ace and saying, “Are you talking to me?” quite often. Well, we say this, because we tried that already!

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Convex, sunglasses trend 2018, here we come

Convex Glassic

Is that a bird? Is it a plane, no it’s Convex. Yes, Convex, crafted keeping the biker in mind. If you are looking for sunglasses that are equipped for riding purposes then Convex should be in your “cart in 60 seconds.” In a nutshell, Convex is for individuals who want to indulge in the outdoors like Lara Croft, and also keep it hip like James Bond too.  

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