Glassic’s Furious Five—Stainless Steel Sunglasses That Are Stylish And Trendy

The stainless steel sunglasses at Glassic are a charm, to say the least. They are not just stunning to look at, but Glassic’s stainless steel range has classic sunglasses that have ruled the runways for ages.

Popular sunglasses shapes like pilot sunglasses, square sunglasses, and round sunglasses that come in cool lens colours like green, blue, orange and more.

All of the sunglasses have a distinct personality, are minimalistic, and are crafted using the best quality materials.

Without further ado, there are the five cool stainless steel sunglasses from Glassic you will ever own.   


Governor Glassic

Governor, our bestselling sunglasses till date, is all about exuberance and style. All of the variants promote a sense of mystery. These stainless steel sunglasses are crafted using the best raw materials and are super light and comfortable to wear. Since they are pilots-shape sunglasses they pair with anything you throw at it.


Knot Glassic

If you are looking for pilot shape sunglasses for large faces, then you have found your match. It pairs an eye-catching stainless steel frame, with a stylish double nose bridge, and flexible springs. Knot is your trusty pilot on steroids. Not just that, they come in an array of colour choices too. Wide-frame sunglasses are Kim Kardashian go-to sunnies, FYI!  


Cockpit Glassic

Cockpit: huge sunglasses with a modern vibe. Symmetric details on the lenses, Nose Bridge, hinges, and stainless steel frames, Cockpit seamlessly combines contemporary design into your much-loved pilot. These would look good on individuals with a wide or a round face shape.  

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Ace Glassic

Ace comes with a striking brow bar, compact metal wires and a retro square-shape. And they have a polished boutique feel to them. A bit of a trivia: Ace McCloud, the master pilot from The Centurions was the influence behind Ace. No wonder it has a striking personality. Pair these with a floral shirt or denim to make a statement.    


Alex Glassic

Alex is your confident, sexy and upbeat pair of sunglasses. A pair of rimless sunglasses that are matched with slim golden/silver temples, a prominent keyhole nose bridge and silicone nose pads for optimum comfort. In a nutshell, Alex is for the fashion-forward, the young and the wild!  

Which of these sunglasses would you like to take home with you? Let us know in the comments below.

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