5 Cool Graphic T-Shirts To Pair With Your Quirky Sunglasses

Graphic t-shirts were first seen in the adrenaline-inducing thrash metal shows of the 80s. There actually originated as merch material for brands like Metallic, Motorhead, Judas Priest, and countless others. Soon, graphic t-shirts were part of a pop-culture revolution. And one of the reasons why they were so popular was the fact they were lined with art and had an attitude. Something that still rings true till date. And they go well with anything you wear.

On that note, here are a few graphic t-shirts and how you can pair them with sunglasses.        

A cropped graphic t-shirt and Cat Eye Sunglasses

Black graphic t-shirt

We would pick this knit graphic t-shirt over anything. An Andy Warholesque picture, hello! And the women in the graphic t-shirt is wearing Cat Eye sunglasses. Also, it’s a crop top, what more can the ladies ask for?    

Pair this graphic t-shirt with Cat Eye sunglasses. Pick your favourites for our Dazzle and Diva Collections.  

Origami graphic t-shirt with square sunglasses

Origami graphic t-shirt

Origami graphic t-shirts have recently become a love mark. Well, why won’t they? They look so uber-cool. For instance, this round neck graphic t-shirt with short sleeves will be perfect for any season.  

Pair this graphic t-shirt with colourful square sunglasses like Finch, for example.

Metal graphic t-shirt with cool pilot sunglasses

Metal graphic t-shirt

If you fell in love with Rocket and Groot, like us, then you will love this awesome graphic t-shirt by Osomwear too. Look at the details in this one.   

Get them and pair them with cool pilot sunglasses like Lucid.  

Rock-inspired cotton graphic t-shirt with round sunglasses

Rock cotton graphic t-shirt

There is something alluring about snakes, skulls and tees! And if you think they are fascinating this one should be the one you should pick. The design is on point and the colours contrast perfectly.  

Now, all you need is a pair of round sunglasses and you are done. Arrant, our vintage round sunglasses should do the trick.  

Simple graphic t-shirt with D Shape Sunglasses

Simple graphic t-shirt

Sometimes it’s wise to keep things plain and simple. If you are in the mood for that then something like this would work. Pop-culturesque and upbeat we would say, right?

Match this simple graphic t-shirt with D Shape Sunglasses and a nice leather handbag and your look is complete.

Which of these graphic t-shirts and sunglasses would you pick? Let us know in the comments below.  

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