A Guide On How To Pick Stylish Eyeglasses Online

Finding the right pair of frames should feel like a walk in the park, not a gruelling exercise! Also, did you know that your features—face shape, hair colour and your personal taste all play a part while choosing a pair?

There are a few guidelines to follow, like folks with a round face should avoid wearing round frames, but rules are meant to be broken, right?   

On a broader note, this guide will help you understand a few pointers on things to look out for while looking for frames, like the measurements, colours to pair, and more.  

Shopping Eyeglasses by Face Shape

First, let us determine your face shape and what type of frames would best suit you?  

Round Face

Eyeglasses for Round face

This type is characterised by fuller cheeks, forehead and rounded chin.

Best fit: Find frames with bold, squared-off angles.

Oval Face

Eyeglasses for Oval Face

An oval face constitutes a rounded, proportional structure and has a pointier chin.

Best fit: Look for a wide frame and something that looks a bit geometric/linear in shape.

Square Face

Eyeglasses for Square Face

Square faces can be characterised with strong, wide foreheads, and the chins are equally strong and wide.

Best fit: Pick round, pilot and browline eyeglasses

Diamond Face

Eyeglasses for Diamond Face

This type of a face shape is narrow at the eye line and jawline, and have broad cheekbones that may be high and dramatic.

Best fit: Get frames that sweep up or are wider than the cheekbones. Like oval frames, these frames heighten your cheekbones and add more to your features.

Heart-Shaped Face

Eyeglasses for Heart-Shaped Face

This shape is characterised by wide forehead that narrows to a pointed chin.

Best fit: Pick a frame with a retro wingtip frame.

Knowing the frame size

Eyewear frame sizes

Many might not know this but the better the fit of your frames, the better they accentuate your face. But how do you determine the size of your frames? Frame size incorporates three key figures, all of which are measured in millimetres and are at mentioned at the inside of your temples.

For instance, details like:

Lens width: Between 31-60 mm

Bridge width: Between 12-31 mm

Glasses arm length: Between 115-155 mm

Most people tend to skip this, but this detail is vital in finding yourself a perfect pair. We suggest you cross-check with your optician for more details.   

Shopping by frame colour

Eyeglasses Glassic

It’s always smart to go for neutral-coloured frames like black, brown, and tortoiseshell because they pair well with anything—eye colour, hair colour and the tone of your skin. But, if you feel like experimenting then make sure the frame helps bring out your best features.

  • Matching frames to eye colour

  • Black frame eyeglasses Stout Midnight Black

  • See, the idea of wearing glasses or sunglasses is quite simple—to stand out or blend in. If you want the look to be low key and professional, choose frames that are neutral-hued are something that matches the colour of your eye. If you are in a party or at a brunch with your friends something quirky and upbeat might do the trick.  

    Brown/Amber Eyes

  • Glassic_Wayne_Midnight_Black

  • From classic black to brighter tones, any colour will suit this eye colour.

    Hazel Eyes

  • Jackson Glassic

  • Selecting green or brown frames both provide contrast and will blend in well. Amber frames are also a good choice for people with hazel eyes.

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  • Consider Colours That Match Your Skin Tone

  • Most folks will skip this bit but if you want the perfect synchrony with your sunglasses then you should consider matching it with the tone of your skin. Something that total can be skipped, right. But it’s vital. Here are the tones you should know of:
  • Warm complexion

  • Warm complexion Glassic

  • If you have a yellow, bronze or golden cast to your skin, you have a warm complexion. Stay away from contrasting colours such as pastels. White and black frames are not flattering either. Instead, the best frame colours for you are light tortoise, browns shades, gold or honey, beige, and olive green.

    Cool complexion

    Cool complexion Glassic

    If your skin has pink or blue undertones, you have a cool complexion. Avoid colours that wash you out and instead reach for frames that are silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, blue, mauve and grey. But then all boils down to what kind of lifestyle you lead, and things that influence you in daily life. For instance, the music you listen to or the profession you are in, affect your choices and buying behaviour. In a nutshell, we think you should look for something that you really have a connection with, that way you will enjoy wearing your sunglasses more.


    Shopping by frame thickness

    Thick Frames

    Arrant Eyeglasses  Glassic

    Thick frames are bold and unmissable. These look good one people with strong facial features like prominent noses or chins. Thick frames will help de-emphasise those features. Thick frames usually come in dark hues, but since they are popular they come in other hues too. Think tortoiseshell or clear frames look exceptionally good. And they are one point with current trends this year.

    Thin Frames


    They are great because thin frames blend with your face. They accentuate your eyes and other facial features too. If you want people to notice your face, not your frames—or if you don’t want to draw attention to your glasses then thin frames are the ones to pick.

    Hope this guide is helpful while you are looking for frames. Do check us out at Glassic.in for an extensive range of sunglasses and eyeglasses.   

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