Here's How You Can Adjust Glasses At Home

Many people prefer going to the optical store when their glasses need a few fixes. While this option is always good, there are times when the fixes are minor and can be done at home too. Which saves both time and energy. Further, manual adjustments are not as hard as most people think. We reckon you start practising with an old pair before trying your hands on your eyeglasses or even your sunglasses.    

1. If your glasses are slanted or off centre

If your glasses are slanted or off centre

Put your eyeglasses upside down on a flat surface. Make sure both the temples are resting on the table. If one of the earpieces are raised off the table, it needs a bit of tweaking to match the other temple.

2. If your glasses are too high or low

If your glasses are too high or low

Adjust the nose-pads if your glasses are too high or low. Spreading the pads will lower the height of the frames, and closing them together will lift the frame.

3. If your glasses feel tight or loose

If your glasses feel tight or loose

There is a hack for this too. Alter your temples by twisting them out or bending them in. Bending the temples slightly outside will ease tension on the sides, and bending them inside will tighten the fit of the glasses.

4. Your glasses are pinching the nose

Glasses are pinching the nose

Use your thumb and fingers to adjust the nose pads away from your nose until you find a comfortable fit.

5. Adjusting wobbly temples

Adjusting wobbly temples

This might happen as you glasses age, but can be fixed with a small screwdriver. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure while tightening the screws because sometimes the screw heads might slip.   

6. How to fix acetate frames

Adjusting acetate frames

Because of the material, acetate frames are difficult to adjust and we recommend that you consider taking a trip to the ophthalmologist. But if you want to make minor adjustments, here is how you can do it.

In order to adjust acetate frames, heat is required. Run your glasses under hot water for about 15-25 seconds. After the frames are warm apply light pressure to the area that needs adjustment. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure because the frames might snap. Don’t overheat them too. And check the fit after ever adjustment.   

7. How to fix metal frames

metal eyeglasses

Metal frames may require frequent adjustments since they are easily bent as you use them every day. Be sure to apply pressure lightly, since bending a metal frame back can be more difficult than making the initial adjustment. Make sure to try your glasses on after each adjustment is made before making more changes.

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