7 Iconic Sunglasses You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

Sunglasses have evolved over the years. Fashion houses and celebrities get caught up in the hype for newer quirkier eyewear designs, but after a point, they come back to the pilots, retro squares and round sunglasses. Many sunglasses have come and gone, but these sunglasses have stood the test of time. This is why they are called classics!

On that note, there are seven iconic sunglasses shapes that have shaped the face of the fashion world.      

Pilot Sunglasses

Governor Glassic

Pilot sunglasses gained popularity during World War II, and its reputation has not tampered with in any form. They are known for their dark, reflective lenses and Pilot sunglasses cover the entire eye. Pilot sunglasses (usually) have a wide metal frame front with a double or single bridge, depending on the make. The temples are thin and light.

Fun fact: The original pilot sunglasses included the converted G-15 tempered glass lenses. These lenses are known to transmit 15% of incoming light. 

Pilot sunglasses were later popularised by celebrities like Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and many more. Also, it’s popular because it pairs well will anything your wear.

If you are looking for pilot sunglasses then browse through our Governor range for starters.

Retro Square Sunglasses

Tony Glassic

These look bookishly cool. Retro Square sunglasses turned into pop-culture must-haves in the 60s. They were fashion staples worn by creative bugs like Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. They had disappeared for a bit, but they are back again with everyone from John Mayer to Rihanna wearing them. Retro Square sunglasses are must-have for individuals with a round or a narrow face!

Looking for Retro Square sunglasses? Try models like Finch, Tony and more.

Browline Sunglasses

Stout Glassic

If cat eye sunglasses are for women, Browline Sunglasses are for men. Browline Sunglasses were a rage with men in the 50s. They held a smart-hipster vibe. If you are familiar with Malcolm X you will be able to picture why Browline Sunglasses has so much street cred! They were produced with black lenses, but today you can find them in an array of colours. With this, one thing is clear—some classics never go out of style. 

Browline Sunglasses? Stout FTW!

Rectangle Sunglasses

Crosswind Glassic

Retro-yet-modern, rectangle sunglasses take the neutral ground. It was popular in the 40s and the 50s because of its design. Rectangle sunglasses are common in sports sunglasses because it’s sleek and light. Though the Rectangle shape is more common in eyeglasses and is known for its semi-formal appeal.

Rectangle sunglasses? Look for Crosswind.

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Pantos Sunglasses

Naomi Glassic

Pantos means ‘seeing everything’ or ‘wide view.’ And in the world of eyeglasses, Pantos is one of the most sought-after designs ever made! The pantos frame shape combines round and oval shapes with a hinge that is particularly high. Because of this, there is maximum view.

Pantos? Yes, we have them. Check out, Naomi. She is part of The Diva Collection, FYI. Ladies?

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Chelsea Glassic

A frame shape for the fashion-forward, Cat eye sunglasses was hugely popular during the 50s and the sixties and was often paired with the Beehive hairstyle. They are characterised by an upsweep stroke at the outer edges of the frame front. Cat eye sunglasses were also very popular with the celebrities of that time, and it still is.

If you are ever interested, Glassic has Chelsea and Kim in the Cat eye department.

Round Sunglasses


Round sunglasses are a love mark so huge it’s not even funny. Round sunglasses were worn by every creative personality, from singers to scientists, to hippies. And this is one shape you should own! They were the first sunglasses and eyeglasses shapes to be invented, and they are still the reigning champions! 

After pilots, Glassic is known for its round sunglasses. Arrant, Logan, Harper, the list is endless. 


Which of these iconic sunglasses shapes do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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