6 Top Sunglasses That You Can Match Your Indian Wedding Dress With This Season

An Indian wedding dress is another reason why an Indian wedding is so memorable. Yes, we know, Indian weddings are all about music, food, cranky relatives and a lot of selfies. But we also think Indian wedding (or weddings in general) is also revered for its clothes and the accessories that complement them. Case and point Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas! 

Maybe this is why we select our wedding dress way before the wedding. Because people see the wedding dress in the pictures, not the food!

On that note, here are top Indian wedding dresses and the sunglasses to match.

A Bandgala: an Indian wedding dress of the season, paired with square sunglasses

A Bandgala and square sunglasses: an Indian wedding dress of the season

An Indian wedding dress that's really popular at the moment. It’s a hot Indian wedding dress mainly because it looks cool and moreover gives you a royal

We think a Bandgala will look fantastic with square sunglasses. Also, pair them with tasselled loafers or a nice pair of brogues to get more out of this killer attire.

A two-piece suit: a wedding dress if you like to keep it simple, paired with pilot sunglasses

A two-piece suit and pilot sunglasses: a wedding dress if you like to keep it simple

Whether it’s a two or a three-piece, of any colour or fabric, the suit is a wedding dress for someone who likes to keep it simple yet stated.

Just make sure you figure out the fit. There are two you can choose from: The Classic Fit, which has a clean body shape. And the modern fit. This one falls somewhere between the classic and the slim shape.

You can pick any sunglasses if you are wearing a suit, but they pair really well with a pair of pilot sunglasses.

We reckon you pick one of our newest creations to go with your wedding dress. Marty—the best pilot sunglasses we have created to date.

A wedding gown with a dupatta: an Indian wedding dress that’s a total head turner, paired with tiny cat eye sunglasses

A two-piece suit and pilot sunglasses: a wedding dress if you like to keep it simple

An Indian wedding dress option what will definitely turn some heads for sure. They look stated but also come in a range of colours and fabric options.

Now all you need to amplify your Indian wedding dress is to match it with tiny cat eye sunglasses.

Tiny cat eye sunglasses are a rage right now, and they look feverishly cool.

If you thinking of going over the top with your accessories this wedding season, this is the way forward.

A ghagra choli: the go-to Indian wedding dress, paired with panto sunglasses

A Ghagra choli and panto sunglasses: the go-to Indian wedding dress

The Ghagra choli without a doubt is the go-to Indian wedding dress this season.

The Ghagra choli has held on to the "most thought of Indian wedding dress" award, for sure. Because it’s cool, sexy, and subtle, all at once. Also, they come in a variety of options. 

When you have such a beautiful Indian wedding dress option, you should have sunglasses that are equally extravagant, right? 

And that’s why Panto sunglasses make the cut. They are a classic, uber-cool, and pack in enough panache to balance your desi counterpart! 

Anarkali: the quintessential Indian wedding dress, paired with cat eye sunglasses 

Anarkali and cat eye sunglasses: the quintessential Indian wedding dress

Ah! The Anarkali—it’s the epitome for everything simple. This quintessential Indian wedding dress is not just known for its aesthetics, but also the amount of subtle artistry it can have. 

And if you are wearing the Anarkali then you have to match them with cat eye sunglasses. It’s like a fusion of the 'East meets West' sort of vibe. 

The sari: an Indian wedding dress that has no equal, paired with round sunglasses

The sari and round sunglasses: An Indian wedding dress that has no equal

When it’s a piece about Indian wedding dresses, how can we rule out the sari? Further, what makes the sari interesting is the fact that every region in India has a different version. It’s a culture machine!

Also, sunglasses look really cool when matched with a sair. Pair round sunglasses because they are reigning the runways as always. And like the sair, the also come with an evergreen status.  

Which of these Indian wedding dresses would you pair with which sunglasses? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

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