Embrace Style And Fun This Holi, While Keeping Things Organic And Environment-Friendly

Festivals are not just times for bright lights, good food and new clothes, they are also spells when people bond with each other, gossip, experiment with fashion, reminiscence the good old times, argue, gamble, switch off, and fight over petty things. We are in India after all, and we all know these things are common at a family gathering, right? With all that out of the way, keep your frown upside down this Holi, laugh as much as you can, neglect the calories count, and do everything your heart wants!

Further, we hope you look and feel great this festive season, while keeping things environment-friendly and organic, stay away from colours that are harmful, we say. 

Here's wishing you a Happy Holi, filled with (natural) colours and (colourful) sunglasses!  

Watch the full video here

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