Sunglasses And Shoes That You Should Match Right Now

Shoes and sunglasses are important—one gives an insight into your personality while the other shades them! You might think they are an uncanny pair, but it makes a lot of difference when you dress.

So, if you want to up your style game, here’s how you should pair your sunglasses with your shoes.  

Sneakers and oval or D-shape Sunglasses

Sneakers and oval or D-shape sunglasses

Sneakers—they are the coolest of the lot. Sneakers are versatile too, they can be worn with anything—denims, shorts or even a suit!

We pair the versatile sneakers with oval or D-shape sunglasses because these sunglasses also follow a similar route. Oval or D-shape sunglasses can be worn with anything and everything. If you like a bit of colour in your sunglasses, you can pick something similar.

Boat shoes and Square Sunglasses

Boat shoes and square sunglasses

Come rain or shine boat shoes will never let you down—we say rain because they were originally worn by sailors on boats. Boat shoes are great if you want a look that is on the semi-formal side.

We thought we’d pair boat shoes with square sunglasses because square sunglasses do exude a bit of semi-formal vibes. Square sunglasses look particularly good on floral or semi-formal shirts and a pair of summer trousers.

Boots and Pilot Sunglasses

Boots and pilot sunglasses

What would shoe nerds do without a pair of boots? They look stunning and they come in all shape and sizes and are genre specific too.

Yes, we paired the boots with pilot sunglasses because both of them mean business, and are serious and chunky. Boots and pilot sunglasses make a stunning pair, for sure. 

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Ballet flats and Panto Sunglasses

Ballet flats and Panto sunglasses

Ballet flats are cute, comfortable and crafted for work or play. You can wear them while travelling or running an errand, over a dress or with a pair of washed denims. 

Ballet flats and Panto sunglasses would definitely go well together. And one of the reasons is that Panto sunglasses are dead versatile and would fit any sort of lifestyle.

Sandals and Round Sunglasses

Sandals and round sunglasses

Sandals are perfect during the summer and will pair well with anything from a skirt, ankle denims, to a cute dress.

Round sunglasses and sandals would go well together because they add an Indo-Western appeal.

For instance, a pair of Kolapuri sandals, a check shirt, ankle trousers and round sunglasses. A leather tote bag, and a scarf to complete the look.

Nude heels and Cat Eye Sunglasses

Nude heels and cat eyes

Ladies, if you don't have nude heels in your wardrobe then you are missing out. This one’s a holy grail! Nude heels with round or peep-toes, you need to get them, right now. Nude heels are dazzling and in control. And they look attractive with anything.

Nude heels and Cat Eye sunglasses, just because it gives out bossy vibes. And since both accessories were prominent in the 60s and 70s, you need to pair these together for those vintage vibes.

Kitten Heels and Over-sized Sunglasses

Kitten Heels and over-sized sunglasses

Want to emit feminine vibes then Kitten Heels is the way forward. Kitten Heels is a must buy in 2018.

We had to pair Kitten Heels with over-sized sunglasses. They are just a match made in heaven. They are both edgy, attractive and exude sex appeal.

What do you think of the pairings? Let us know in the comments below.

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