Suits And Sunglasses: How To Rightly Pair Them

Most of us are aware of the type of suits: two-piece, three-piece, double-breasted and more, but this is summer and the fit and the fabric is important. In this article, we will take you through not just what’s trending in suits this year, but what colour to choose and what sunglasses to pair them with as well. You can amp up your style while also protecting your eyes through our 100 per cent UV protected range of eyewear!

SS18 Suit Fabrics

Since it’s summer and it’s burning in India, it’s really important that you nail the fabric first, you can think about the occasion later. 

Cotton FTW!

The most common materials and this one tops the list because it’s a breathable fibre, fit for summers in India. A chequered cotton suit would be an eye-candy even more if you wear them with vintage-inspired square-shape sunglasses like Quad.

In them linen’s

Your quintessential summer suit. It’s light, and is trending this season, to say the least. Since it’s light, it will help keep you cool. If you like some hue on your suit then this is the material you should opt for. A black suit, a pair of matching brogues, and distinctive square-shape sunglasses like Stout and you are good to prove your leading man status.

Smooth as silk

They are comfortable and they breathe, all right, but it’s not great for people who perspire! It’s cool to the touch, and the finish is great, so, if you are looking for these qualities then don’t even think twice. They all come in an array of colours. If you can pull off something colourful then you can pair them with Ace.

SS18 Suit Colours

Here are some cool summer suit colours that are trending this year.

Midnight Blue: suit yourself in this one if you are going for that effortless look, more so like James Bond? Now, all you need is a light blue shirt, brown shoes, and sunglasses that have mirrored lenses on them. Like Jobs.  

Pale Grey: This because it can be paired with anything! Pair this with a white shirt, a cravat (if you can) and a pair of pilot shape sunglasses, like Governor.


White: Did we say it’s the go-to colour for the summers? You might outdo the bride too. Pick something classic like Pablo. They will help accentuate your suite.

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Beige: Want to stand out? then Beige is your colour. Because not many opt for this shade. A tortoiseshell frame might look great in these. This frame type helps highlight your facial features.

Men’s Summer Suit Styles

The fit of the suit will be based entirely on your preference. There are three main ones to choose from.

Classic Fit: This cut has a clean body shape. This style is perfect for those who aren’t used to wearing suits very often. Accentuate the look with time-tested classic metallic pilot sunglasses. We bet, this is a no-fail classic combination!

Modern Fit: It falls between the classic and the slim shape. If you want to look sharp, but are unsure if you can pull off a slim fit suit, this is the silhouette to go for.

Just throw on a bold pair of sunglasses like Duke in midnight black and head out like a boss.

Slim Fit: This suit cut is fitted closer to the body and doesn’t have any excess fabric. If you want that then… be our guest! For maximum impact, add the pilot shaped pair Banner to the look. Crafted in premium acetate, Banner will ensure killer vibes.

Hope you have a great time experimenting with suits and sunglasses this season. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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