Panto Sunglasses—One Of The Most Sought-After Design In Eyewear History

Panto Sunglasses are the perfect example of an accessory that you would consider a ‘blast from the past.’ These are known for its eye-catching frame front and well-crafted design. If you want another eyewear (the other is the pilot) shape that fits everyone than Panto Sunglasses is the one to pick.

What are Panto Sunglasses?

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How can we miss out on panto sunglasses when we are on the topic of iconic sunglasses shapes? Panto was a popular fame shape devised in the early 50s. Characterised by a hinge that is high and the base is full. This gives it a wider view.

These days, its design is seen in sunglasses that are vintage-yet-modern and is prized for its adaptability and is liked by fashionistas and traditional individuals alike.

A brief history of the Panto Sunglasses

Panto is short for Pantoscopic and were types of glasses crafted by the National Health Service (NHS) during the 1950’s-1970’s. The Panto shape was made in 1946. After the war, the Labor government in the UK saw the importance of fighting and curing disease and providing free healthcare facilities. As a result, the Panto was born.

This ideology was adapted from the liberal economist W. H. Beveridge.

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Further, Panto was bifocal eyeglass lens that was devised for reading and distance. These frames were highly sought after because getting these meant that you got to test your eyes and get them if needed.  

Panto Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Panto Sunglasses would look particularly great on individuals with an oval face. In fact, people with an oval face shape can pull off an eyewear style. Since the cheeks are rounded, and the jawline is of the same width as the forehead, there is equal symmetry. 

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Panto Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Face

Panto Sunglasses are perfect for Heart-Shaped faces too because they have an elongate and broad forehead and a chin that's narrow. 

Styling your Panto Sunglasses

Since these sunglasses take the neutral ground they can be worn by everybody and with anything. You can wear it a floral skirt or even with distressed denims. Panto sunglasses also pair well with formal. 

Glassic's Panto Sunglasses are dipped in style and finesse. Part of The Diva Collection, they are elegant, functional and head-turners in their own right. Check them out now. 

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