We Think You Should Ditch Chocolates and Pick Eyewear For Your Man This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is inching in a couple of days and many of you ladies would be looking out for a gift for your date, right? So, we thought, we would try and make your gift hunting experience as seamless as possible. Further, we feel that Valentine’s Day is more than just champagne and chocolates. So, we reckon you fend for something out of the box, and look at eyewear for a change? They are not just trendy but are handy must-haves, and your loved one will remember you for a long time.   

Governor for the free-spirited traveller

The traveller is the hardest to contain because they are seekers who end up finding. Does your man fall into this category? Then we suggest you look for Governor. It was crafted keeping the young and the restless in mind. The chocolates might be a good idea, but we think you should pair them with Governor. 

Get Governor here.

Logan for the pop culture aficionado

Logan is synonymous with pop culture… hint, hint. These sunglasses for men don't just pair with a sturdy build, but Logan comes with polarised lenses and 100 per cent UV protection for superior clarity and comfort.  

Get Logan here.

Frank for the fashionista

If you think the term Fashionista fits only for them ladies then it’s time you updated your vocabulary. Further, if your Valentine is someone who lives and breathes fashion then Frank will fit him like a glove—even better, if he is hunting for a pair of sunglasses for quite some time. Frank doesn’t just look cool, but comes with an affordable price tag too.

Get Frank here.

Tony for the definitive festival head

Does your Valentine enjoy going to music festivals, art fairs and full moon parties? Then you have got a friend in Tony. Further, a pair of men sunglasses is vital in these places. Tony will not just complete his look, but help him stand out from the rest too.  

Get Tony here.

Jobs for the 60’s lover

We made sure we put this one here because men are always looking for that perfect round sunglasses! And if he’s a sixties lover than Jobs is your best bet. Further, it comes in an array of lens shades, so you can choose one that matches his personality.

Get Jobs here.

Hank for the film buff

This one's easy, if you are planning to pick up something for your cinephile date this Valentine’s Day, then go straight to Hank. “But, why should I pick that?” you ask? First, it pools its name from Tom Hanks’ Catch Me If You Can, and two, it looks right out of a detective film, just look... look at it!

Get Hank here.

Banner for the audiophile

Your Valentine in some band or is a fan of rock n’ roll, blues rock and all the genres that follow? Look out for Banner, we say. Banner is crafted out of premium acetate and comes in black, grey, blue and brown polarised lenses, which come with 100 per cent UV Protection for superior clarity and comfort. There are mirrored version too, if you want something over the top.

Get Banner here.

Raymond for the minimalist

Raymond is for the nice guys who like to keep things simple in life! If your date is the quintessential minimalist then Raymond would add a lot to your relationship! 

Get Raymond here.


So, which eyewear would your pick for your date this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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