Glassic Anwers: What Sunglasses Are In Style For Men In 2018

Here are the most popular men's sunglasses styles in 2018:

Vintage Round Sunglasses. Round sunglasses are popular because they have a vintage appeal. 

Metal Sunglasses. Metal Sunglasses is ruling the roost because it's functional. 

Oversized Pilot Sunglasses. Oversized Pilot Sunglasses are head turners in 2018 because it's in vogue. 

Huge Browline Sunglasses. Huge Browline sunglasses are much-hyped this year because it's a vintage. 

Retro Square Sunglasses. Because some sunglasses never go out of style.   

D-Frame Sunglasses. D-Frame Sunglasses are popular in 2018 because it packs a modern-vintage charm. 

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