Punk Bands From India That Caught Our Eyes And Ears

Like other genres of music, Punk too has landed to our shores, thanks to Indian bands that have helped keep this genre alive, and social media and music streaming website, of course. Before we started this piece, we were unsure about finding punk bands in India, but we were wrong. On that note, here are a few punk bands in India you should search for right now.  


Tripwire pools their inspiration from the 70's Punk rock movements like Oi!, DIY, Alternative and more. Punk as a genre offers us a great deal of freedom to lyrical and musical expression be it cheeky humour or in your face. The band has grown up listening to outfits like the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Screeching Weasel, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Patti Smith, The Clash, Bad Brains, MC5, Green Day, and Nirvana. And these influences are prevalent in their music. They are also one of the oldest Indian punk rock bands around.

The Vinyl Records

A new wave, post-punk outfit for New Delhi, The Vinyl Records is one of the most talked about bands in India. They add a fresh tangent to the genre and their tunes are catchy too.

The F16s

The F16s is an alternative Indie/dance-punk band from Chennai, India. As the group states, “The music, echoes the melancholia that grapples with the mundanity of everyday life in a town that serves very little outside of itself.” The songs are driven by lyrics and are melodic in nature.

Sky Rabbit

Formerly known as Medusa, they reformed under the moniker Sky Rabbit. And things amped up a lot after that. Not only did they change their name, but the sound morphed into something different too, uniquely, merging electronica with indie and post-punk styles. They are a treat when they are on stage.   

The Riot Peddlers

The Riot Peddlers are a hardcore punk band formed by Ashwin Dutt and Arun Singh Ravi in 2010. They are one of India’s first hardcore punk act. The riffs are fast, the drum lines loud, and the vocals go into this ‘I don’t care attitude’.       

Grammy Winning Effort

They are a melting pot of many genres and punk is one of them. Their numbers are as eccentric as their name—tunes fit to start a mosh!   

False Flag

A hardcore/crust punk band from Pune. The songs are lined with political ideas and backed with heavy guitar riffs. Their titles will definitely make you groove to the rhythm.  

Now that you are here, check out our Punk collection below.

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