10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Sunglasses

Most people think sunglasses are just accessories, but that’s not it. There is more to sunglasses than what meets the eye!

Further, it’s always important to get to know things that have a personal appeal, and how they affect your look and feel.

On that note, here are a few questions you should ask before buying sunglasses.

How and for what will you use your sunglasses?

This question is vital when buying sunglasses—how and what will you use your sunglasses for? Is it for running, for just for casual use, on the beach, while skiing, driving or hiking. Because every place requires something different.

For instance, if you are visiting the beach, you should have sunglasses that have a wider frame. A wider frame provides more protection for the sun than regular sunglasses.

Likewise, if you are using them while running, your sunglasses have to be light, with curved temples, 100% polarised with polycarbonate lenses.

But whatever you use it for, make sure that they are 100% polarised. 

What is the right shape for your face?

This is the second and the most important thing. People don’t bother about their face shape and what sunglasses would match.

There are five basic face shapes:

Round, Oval, Square, Diamond, and Heart-Shaped.

And these are the sunglasses that go well with them.

Heart: Retro square and cat-eye shapes are the ones to pick.

Round: Rectangle and square.

Oval: This face shape can carry almost anything, but oversized frames look particularly great on this face shape.

Square: Round and cat eyes.

Diamond: Oval or cat eyes. 

What lens colours should you choose?

You might think that the lens colour is just for cosmetic reasons, but it adds to your vision.

For instance, yellow coloured lenses are great for foggy or low light conditions. Brown lenses are suitable when it’s sunny. And blue lenses are great if you are planning to visit a beach or wherever there's water. 

What about frame colour?

This is another aspect people underestimate. Picking your frame colour is important. Choose tortoise frames if you want to highlight your face. Black or crystal coloured frames if you want more of a serious feel. Gold or silver for a carefree appeal.

Also, we reckon you experiment with something new this year. 

How is the fit?

Look for sunglasses that fit you well. A pair that comes with a snug fit is better than a loose one.  

If you are shopping for sunglasses, try looking for bigger/wider frames

Look for a wider frame, after all the purpose of sunglasses is to shade the sun, and protect your eyes from the sun.

Wider polarised frames provide more protection for the sun.

Are the sunglasses polarised and 100% UV protected?

Yes. This is one of the most vital questions you should ask if you are buying sunglasses. Polarised and 100% UV protected lenses mean they will help protect your eyes for harmful rays for the sun, and also reduce glare coming off reflective surfaces like water or glass.

Should cost be a factor?

Yes, and no! It’s 2018 and good, affordable sunglasses are a thing now! You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get your hands on good sunglasses.

Any accessories?

This can also be a question for some, what accessories would you get when you purchase sunglasses?

Replacement, warranty and repairs?

This is another thing to consider. For instance, Glassic’s sunglasses come with a one year warranty and 14-day returns, and more. Don't forget to look for these things when you are thinking of getting a new pair of sunglasses. 

What are some of the things you look for while buying sunglasses? Let us know in the comments below. 

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