10 Stylish Eyewear Trends Of 2018 We Bet You Didn’t Know About

If you thought round frame and tortoiseshell sunglasses were the top eyewear trends of 2018 then you haven’t seen anything yet. There is more to this then what meets the eye! On that note here are more stylish eyewear trends of 2018 we bet you didn’t know about.

Ultraviolet: Pantone colour of the year

Untraviolet eyeglasses Glassic

Ultraviolet, because this shade is the Pantone colour of the year. Also, accessories in ultraviolet look uber cool.

Pastel Hues

Clark in Icy Blue Glassic

Pastel hues might never go out of trend after all. This year it’s all about less flash and punchy colours on the frames. Millennial Pink was at a great spot in 2017 and we see them coming back yet again.  

Thin Frames


Yes, most people prefer chunkier frames, because they make them stand out, but people are going back to the basic and settling with thinner frames. They are light and they will help keep you under the radar.

Small Shaped Sunglasses

Small sunglasses

Teeny tiny sunglasses/glasses (especially stylish sunglasses) are in. Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Millie Bobby Brown is sporting them. They look differently off-beat, that’s for sure.

Matrix-inspired stylish sunglasses

Magneto Glassic

Remember the cult classic, The Matrix? The film might have has a thousand stylish sunglasses wearing killers out for blood in a world of VR, but what stood out was the fact that it caused ripples in the eyewear industry back then. And the good news is, it’s back for more in futuristic, micro size shapes! What more could fans ask for?

Multi-coloured frames


Still stuck with dual-toned frames this season? Why pick two when you can have three? Confused, don’t be Multi-Colored frames will kill the confusion for you. They are neat and they look particularly stunning.

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Heart-Shaped Stylish Sunglasses

Heart-shaped Sunglasses

Wait! We saw this in the film Lolita. After that movie came out, Heart Shape sunglasses was the talk of the town. They look feverishly quirky though. People with a heart-shaped face could rock these pretty well.  

Eyewear with Metal Embellishments

Metal Embellished sunglasses

A George Miller fan? Then you should look into this current stylish sunglasses/eyeglasses trend. They have metal embellishments on the frames and everything. No all you need is leather and a Fat Boy to match!

Sunglasses with Blinkers

Steampunk sunglasses

Call them steampunks or blinkers, they are all the same. These ones come right out of a zombie/ road war movie. They look particularly great when they are paired with golden frames and coloured lenses.

Tortoiseshell eyeglasses/sunglasses 

Tortoiseshell Frames

This is another one that been a love mark for a long time. The great thing about this pair is the fact that they have a dual nature, meaning that they can be paired for work or play since the design adds a semi-formal feel to them.

Which of these trends would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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