Here’s How You Can Match Sunglasses With That Check Shirt Of Yours

Check shirts have sprung up in fashion in the last decade or so, and looking at the positive vibes, they are here to stay. And the great thing is that they pair well will almost any accessory—especially with cool sunglasses.

On that note, here’s how you can pair your versatile check shirt with stylish sunglasses from Glassic.

Surf’s up


Who says you can’t add a bit of spunk when you are hitting the beach this season. Checks and cool men sunglasses are a match made in heaven! Make sure you pick a shirt that is multi-coloured, a pair of chinos or tapered black denims and a huge framed sunglasses like Quad or Cockpitpilot or square-shape sunglasses, as long as they cover your eyes, you are good.

Prim and proper

Sunglasses with check shirt

Love your checks, but unsure about how to pair them? This is how you should match them—skinny denims, multi-coloured checks, plimsolls and square-shape sunglasses. These sunglasses for men are perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. We suggest you look for stylish square-shape sunglasses that come in tortoiseshell designs.

Dressed to kill

Sunglasses and check shirt women

Now, this is how you style your flannel shirt—with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, peep-toe boots, a woollen scarf, and a petite bag. The (sunglasses) trick here is to pick something that’s a bit wide, it will add focus to your face! Something like Kingpin or Knot.

Back in Black
Destressed jeans sunglasses and checks

It’s our favourite album, but it's also our favourite attire colour choice—period! Ladies, want to keep it simple yet striking? A shirt in black and white checks, skinny distressed jeans (tucked in) and a pair of wide browed sunglasses. You could add a bit of vintage to that with a pair of round sunnies!

Red rules


Do we even have to write anything about this? Black with red checks and pilot-shape sunglasses are the most talked about pairing in the world of fashion to date. There is something about this look—simple yet striking. Governor—our bestselling designer sunglasses would fit right in.

Red riding hood

Girl wearing check shirt with sunglasses

How can we leave the ladies out? Look for a shirt that has slightly bigger checks, which can be then matched with skinny jeans and wide-framed sunglasses. If you think you will be out in the sun for longer, carry a hat too. 

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Mix and match


This can be your quintessential beach look too. Here too, the trick is to pair to with the right sunglasses. We think mirrored sunglasses like Magneto or Marshal would pair well while you visit the beach.

Pour some colour on me


If you are in someone who likes colour then something like this would work well. Pocket shorts may be out of fashion, but they look great with slip-ons and coloured mirrored sunglasses. We would like to suggest Logan M in Vanilla Green or Tony in Sunset Orange or in Pop Blue here. 

Red and white


This is one colour combination that suits almost anyone. You can pair this with anything and everything. Boat shoes, sneakers, a pair of round sunglasses or mirrored sunglasses would also look great with this. 

Retro vibes


If you think you can pull off checks with floral prints then this looks is the one you should go for. Don’t forget to pair the look with cool sunglasses that have transparent frames. Also, we might have just the pair for you. Look for Quad or Logan M

The cool cat

checks and cool sunglasses

Who says you have to always wear your checks—you can wrap them around too! A spaghetti top and a pair of lean trousers, paired with double-brow-barred sunglasses like Ace would be great. Also, this look is all weatherproof.

Which of the looks would you like to pair your Glassic sunglasses with? Let us know in the comments below.

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