7 Sunday Brunch Looks And The Sunglasses To Pair With Them

What’s a Sunday Brunch without sunglasses and beer? Interesting, people take their Sunday brunch look really seriously. So we thought, why not?

From cool casuals to printed floral dresses, we have paired these quintessential looks with square, pilot and cool sunglasses. Have a look.

A Simple Tee and Jeans with Vintage Square Sunglasses

Sunday Brunch look Glassic


Need a quick and easy get up for an impromptu look for a laid-back Sunday brunch? We reckon you stick with your simple tee and jeans. Pair them with Vintage Square sunglasses and stay cool and comfy.

The Denim on demin look with Round Sunglasses

Relive the 60s with the denim on demin look. Distressed denims, with ankle-length boots, always work well. If you like punk fashion, then you will love this one for sure. Match your denims with coloured round sunglasses and you are set.

A printed crop-top, hot shorts with Square or Pilot Sunglasses

Sunday Brunch look Glassic

Printed crop-tops, hot shorts and sunglasses are the go-to outfit option for a fun Sunday brunch with friends this season. You can pair this hip look with a pair of pilot sunglasses too. 

Joggers and Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Sunday Brunch look Glassic

Want something feverously comfortable, without losing out on the trend? Joggers, baby! A pair of joggers and Tortoiseshell sunglasses look so cool. They can be paired with a Sunday brunch for sure. Match them with a cool pair of sneakers though. No flip-flops, please?    

A printed shirt, trousers and black frame Sunglasses

Sunday Brunch look Glassic

If you are unsure about what to wear for a Sunday brunch pick a Printed shirt, trousers and black frame sunglasses. Also, pair them with a nice pair of boots. A chic leather bag and see the heads turn.

Bright pink with Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunday Brunch look Glassic

We say pink because this is one colour that will help you stand out. Match the colour pink with a pair of black cat eye sunglasses and all the eyes will be on you!

A floral suite and Huge Sunglasses

Sunday Brunch look Glassic

Many wouldn’t want to try this look, but floral suites and Sunglasses are a pair made in heaven! This look will put you on top of the food chain for sure. Need an Instagram worthy picture? Floral suite and Sunglasses is the way to go.

Which of the Sunday brunch looks would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below.  

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