The Dazzle Collection—Sunglasses That Mix Art And Design Into One Frame

The Dazzle Collection: Glassic's new collection effortlessly blurs the line between art and design.

This collection introduces popular vintage sunglasses like Cat Eyes, Panto and more, but with a contemporary streak.

The sunglasses are bold, well-etched, and something that will make you appreciate them.

See for yourself, and you will know exactly what we are talking about.


Riot Glassic

Riot is for someone who has a thing for vintage sunglasses or loves steampunks. This piece is right out of a George Miller film—with actual springs and screws near the hinges and has a compact construction. In a nutshell, Riot perfectly blends all the pop-culture elements into one frame! Pick this up if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Riot will go well with distressed jeans and a bold flannel shirt.


Tiffany Glassic

Tiffany channels the grit of high street fashion into one attractive pair. What makes it a looker is the bold stainless steel design that sits seamlessly on top of an acetate frame. The golden top dots on the frame front give this cat eye definition. Looking at the design, it would be safe to say that Tiffany fuses the old into the new.

Tiffany would pair well with an LBD or a floral cocktail dress.


Pact Glassic

Looking for polarised sunglasses that are prominent and different? Pact’s the one. The sunglasses come with a U-shaped stainless steel brow bar and a Nose Bridge that is comfortable. And what makes the design note-worthy is the fact that the lenses are enclosed inside a plastic frame. You will have to see them in person to appreciate what these sunglasses are really like.

These Panto sunglasses have a cosmopolitan vibe, so it can be worn with anything, but we would recommend cool casuals.  


Grace Glassic

Grace—your hefty, esthetical Cat Eye Sunglasses is here. Grace picks its ideas from cigar bars of the sixties, bold women and jazz music. Its temples are two-tone, and the huge acetate frame gives it a sense of mystery. Grace is your cheeky-yet-bossy pair of sunglasses!

Wear these Cat Eye Sunglasses over something semi-formal or while attending an afternoon cocktail party.


Faith Glassic

Faith: vintage sunglasses that artistically plays with dual tones and contours. If you observe closely, you will see a frame inside a frame—an artsy melange of a golden stainless steel frame with an acetate shape. This one surely brings art and design under one banner.

Have 'Faith', and wear them with your favourite jumpsuit and heels. 


Lucid Glassic

You might have seen many pilot sunglasses but there is none like Lucid. These pilot sunglasses come with an unusual stainless steel construction, the temples are thin with a comfortable-yet-prominent brow bar. These are your pair of futuristic sunglasses. 

Lucid would match well with your cool casuals.


Beth Glassic

Beth neglects eyewear design for a second and shows how something new can be created for the ordinary. These cat eye sunglasses come with a brow bar that passes right in front of the frame front rather than above it. The temples are golden and sleek, making it attractive, light and comfortable to wear.

Wear these with anything, compliments with come either way.

Which one of these sunglasses from the new collection is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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