The Fashion Show At Glassic's Store Launch: When Eyewear And Fashion Seamlessly Came Together Under One Roof!

Glassic’s store opening (on 1st, July) was great, but what added panache to the whole affair was the fashion show that took place at the store. There were about ten looks meticulously created by Prasad Bidapa and the Glassic team, and the collection showcased how Glassic’s eyewear range is crafted for every affair. Right from cool casuals to Indo-Westerns and Indian wedding wear (which the audience really loved) and more, every look was showcased with the right amount of flair.

So, without boring you will with long winding sentences, here are the looks and the sunglasses that were paired with them.   

Keeping it cool

Magneto and Ace Glassic

Cool casuals are an everyday staple and this look tries to emulate just that and how a pair of pilot and square-shape sunglasses can change your style game. The models in the picture are wearing Magneto (M) and Ace (F). Magneto is our take on the popular pilot sunglasses with a robust streak. Ace, on the other hand, is light and crafted to impress.  

Convex and Crosswind in the mix

Convex and Crosswind Glassic

This one’s something sports enthusiasts might enjoy. Convex (L) and Crosswind (R) matched with sports-inspired bomber and windcheaters. These sunglasses are perfect if you use sunglasses while running (especially Crosswind). Both of them feature a stout aluminium frame, super strong polycarbonate lenses that are impact resistant, add polarisation to that, and you have your quintessential sports sunglasses.

Indo-Western vibes

Frank Glassic

If you are unsure about how to pair a Band Gala or a Sherwani here’s how you do it. If you are picking something light-coloured, it’s always great to pick something like Frank. With its gold-accented front and square dual-tone tortoiseshell frames, Frank is the perfect sunglasses silhouette inspired by the 70’s.  

Jackie Brown

Arrant Glassic

Tortoiseshell sunglasses—one of the sunglasses trends for 2018. Further, they always help accentuate the face and they pair well with anything you wear. Here the model is captured wearing Arrant (one of our bestselling Tortoiseshell sunglasses) with a golden-coloured gown.

Pair it right

Governor bullet silver Glassic

Want to keep the look a bit on the semi-formal side? Then a blazer, a plain white tee and denims mixed and matched with a mirrored-pilot shape sunglasses (like Governor) might be the right pick. 

The pilot’s way

Governor Glassic

Pilot-shaped sunglasses can be paired with anything and everything and Governor, our top selling sunglasses, set a fine example paired here with a Band Gala. Governor is sleek, light, trendy and has all the bells and whistles that you might look for in your sunglasses.

Lady in red

Stout Glassic

Square-shape sunglasses were part of every runway this season, so how could we rule this one out? Especially when they come in tortoiseshell frames! See how it adds depth to the model's face and compliments her party wear? Wondering which sunglasses are these? The name’s Stout! Check them out now.        

Brother’s in Frames

Governor and Frank

Founders Devesh and Kailash Nichani (L-R) wearing their favourites, Governor and Frank.

A simple affair

Logan M Glassic

Feel like taking the Indo-Western route this season then a Sherwani and Logan M in Sunset Orange might do the trick.  

Going traditional

Harper and Banner Glassic

We have the quintessential Indian wedding attire for you if you attending a wedding this season. The tradition wear gets a twist when it’s perfectly complemented with Harper and Banner.

The colour of the season

Harper AM Glassic

Here’s Harper AM in Sunset Orange paired with a Gagra Choli. Who says you can pep things up with sunglasses? It doesn’t get quirkier than this.  

Game, set, match!

Glassic store launch fashion show

The entire collection showcased along with the founders Devesh and Kailash Nichani (L-R). 

 Here's a taste of what went down at the fashion show. 

Which of the looks did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below?

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