The High-Flyer's Collection—Glassic’s New Spring/Summer Anthology Takes Cues From Resilience And Grit

Glassic’s new fashion sunglasses for Spring/Summer called the High-Flyer's Collection is a homage to resilient men out there, so, the anthology takes cues from individuals that are an epitome of male testosterone and strength.

Teeming with elegant colour combinations and edgy details, this body of sunglasses will add to your personality. For instance, the anthology has pieces like Knot, inspired by the rebel, Duke, is for the daredevil, while Cockpit is for men who have high regards for success and headwork. Come be a part of fashion sunglasses with a refreshing take.    

Knot perfectly fits into the sunglasses trend 2018

Knot Glassic

Governor’s little brother, or as we call it,“The brother from another mother!” Knot is a free-spirited rebel, the Johnny Cash of the lot. It takes no permissions, makes its own rules, and does what it wants. Knot M actually reminds us of a number by Johnny Cash called Man In Black, a song about protest against oppression.

Duke, your cool summer sunglasses

Duke Glassic

Duke is built like a tank—no kidding. Maybe it’s because of the wrap-around construction in the frame. Also, a sturdy nose bridge adds to the robust construction. Duke reminds us of a pair of sunglasses that martial art veteran immortalised! If you are reckless like Daredevil, then you should definitely pick this one up.

Cockpit, fashion sunglasses with an edge 

Cockpit Glassic

You asked for it, we crafted it—Cockpit, your quintessential mirrored, fashion sunglasses in multiple hues that are in this year. Cockpit is fit for the travellers, trance-heads, the fashionistas, and people who think life’s an oyster, and live life as it comes.  

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