Top Pilot Shape Sunglasses Of Glassic

Pilot sunglasses have always been a crowd favourite since as long as we can remember. And it was synonymous with fighter pilots as far as the early 40s (this is where it gets its name). This shape was deemed to be the best, because people from the military want the best! As time passed, they started becoming a staple with celebrities like Elvis Presley, and then Tom Cruise in Top Gun. And the rest as you know it, is history! 

In a nutshell, Pilot shape sunglasses is the go-to or must have for every sunglasses head out there. Further, if you are purchasing sunglasses for the first time it’s a practical choice too because it goes with almost every face shape. So, if you are looking for pilot shape sunglasses this season then here are a few pilot shapes from Glassic we think you might like. 


Here’s where Governor is your ‘knight in shining daylight.’ The pilot-shape sunglasses crafted with polycarbonate polarised lenses, which makes it one of the lightest sunglasses you will ever own. It’s stylish yet minimalistic, bold yet subtle and powerful yet light as a feather.

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What’s got poise, style, a bad boy streak and is all about metal? You guessed it. Introducing, Magneto—forged from the robust and lightweight material, Aluminium. It’s designed for the ardent fan with its super bold frame front and medium thick temples. It features ultra-smooth springs to provide you with a comfortable fit. Magneto sunglasses features the polarised lenses for clearer and sharper vision. 

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Cockpit, your quintessential mirrored sunglasses in multiple hues that are trending this year. With a huge frame that is lightweight, Cockpit is our take on the quintessential (almost geometric) wide pilot sunglasses reminiscent of the 80s. 

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A light stainless steel frame and strong polycarbonate lenses come together seamlessly in Knot and a quirky-looking double nose bridge FTW! 

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Duke is built like a tank—no kidding. Maybe it’s because of the wrap-around construction in the frame. Also, a sturdy nose bridge adds to the robust construction.

Shop Duke here



Is that a bird? Is it a plane, no it’s Convex. Yes, Convex, crafted keeping the biker in mind. If you are looking for sunglasses that are equipped for riding purposes than Convex should be in your “cart in 60 seconds.”

Shop Convex here



Who says vintage frames are a thing of the past? Banner will show you just how high street fashion borrows itself from anything and everything vintage. A slender-looking frame that comes with Polarised Lenses and 100 per cent UV protection for superior clarity and comfort.

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 Which one of the above would you pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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