Glassic Picks Top Sunglasses And Eyeglasses Of The Month

We at Glassic were thinking of picking our top sunglasses and eyeglasses for the month for quite some time now. And with the launch of Glassic’s new collection recently (The Dazzle Collection) we thought we should get this out of the way. So here are the current favourites at Glassic right now.


Faith Glassic

You rarely get to see an artsy melange of a golden stainless steel frame with an acetate shape. Faith brings art and design under one banner. Have 'Faith' and rock them this season. Maybe you can wear it with a knee-length dress. We picked these square shape sunglasses because it will be the perfect accessory for you this Fall/Winter.   


Gary Glassic

Looking for glasses that are vintage yet contemporary this season? Then Gary—our acetate eyeglasses, would be perfect for you. The frame is crafted out of premium acetate and comes in a tortoiseshell design with a yellow sheen. It also features an unmissable keyhole nose bridge. These tortoiseshell frames would stand out no matter what.    


Frank Glassic

Some sunglasses never go out of style and Frank is one of them. Frank has to be in our top picks because it's not just well crafted, with its acetate design, double brow bar and comfortable fit, but it is also super mysterious, vintage and trendy.


Quad Glassic

Our chunky acetate sunglasses that is right in every way—the fit, the build, the mean frame front, you name it. This one’s our pick for the month because it goes with anything you wear. And Quad comes in mirrored and non-mirrored variants so have an array of pieces to choose from. 


Lucid Glassic

We said it the first time, and we are saying it again, “Lucid comes with a cool gunslinger vibe”. Lucid is one of the most eye-catching sunglasses we have ever created. You can wear it at a party, or at the beach. Also, it’s light as a feather and comes with 100% polarised lenses at half the price. You can take them home at Rs 1499. How about that?  

Honourable mentions:

We also really like recent bestsellers like Riot and Pact, but we did not mention them in the piece because some of the variants are currently sold out. (fret not, we will be getting them soon) Then, there are other all-time bestsellers like Arrant, Governor and piece from The Diva Collection

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