Top Ten Trending Sunglasses Of Glassic

Finally, we are on one story that is dear to us and it’s Glassic’s best top ten selling sunglasses. They are our favourite, and more so they are your favourite too. These designs are also dear to us because they have made us what we are today. Before showcasing our top ten, here is a backstory on what goes into making the frames, and how each product is named. 

What goes into crafting them into memorable designs?

We at Glassic believe in a curated range of eyewear rather than the traditional “more is better” approach. When we design a range, we keep in mind genders, face sizes and frame shapes. On top of this, we add colours that reach out to different personalities. We are extremely passionate about the design and prototyping process as well.  

Further, we only use the best quality raw materials. For example, the Acetate we use for crafting our designs are of the highest grade and are not available in the prices we provide them for anywhere in India. It’s the same raw materials used by big brands from the world over.

Our metal platings, nose bridges and springs are plated keeping quality benchmarks in mind and are designed to function without any hassles.

Naming the products

Another aspect we are particularly zealous about is naming our eyewear. We at Glassic do not follow a process of model numbers, rather we add catchy names to each product. The title is based on the way the frames are designed and the personality it would go with. For instance, we came up with the name Governor (our top selling sunglasses) because when you say the word Governor, people associate with a certain level of power, an individual with a sense of persona about him, you know? And this is what we wanted people to feel when they wore these sunglasses.  

On that note here are ten top-selling sunglasses of Glassic.

Governor—Midnight Black and Bullet Silver

A product that enhances one’s personality. It redefines the product itself, has exuberant style, and it couldn’t have been called anything else but Governor. Furthur, Midnight black gives the feeling of a dark, mysterious night. And bullet silver is one way out of a tough situation. Find out why Governor tops the list.  

What to pair it with: Travel, or on a road trip with friends.

Magneto—all colours

What’s got poise, style, a bad boy streak and is all about metal? You guessed it. Made from Aluminium, this was the best name to suit its personality.

What to pair it with: A day at the beach, for sure.

Crosswind—Amber Magic

Light enhancing and turbulence control... that was the inspiration behind Crosswind in Amber Magic.

What to pair it with: the yellow lenses make this one a handy accessory while riding at night.

Marshal—Chrome Blue and Midnight black

Sting personality in a colourful avatar. Vintage design meets modern aesthetic in this one. 

What to pair it with: A lazy Sunday brunch with your friends!

Quad—Pop Blue and Crystal Blue

The inspiration, you ask? Four corners that come together to make a really stylish pair of glasses.

What to pair it with: your cool summer casuals. The transparent frame keeps this on trend.

Ace—all hues

Ace McCloud, the grand master pilot from The Centurions. How cool is that? 

What to pair it with: This will pair well with your denims and flannel shirts.

Tony—Sunset Orange

 Tony is laid back, suave, ladies’ man, loves the beach. This could suit anyone with a carefree sprit. 

What to pair it with: A day at the beach or a music festival.

Stout MTortoise Green, Tortoise Blue and Chrome Blue

We all have a bold streak in us, don't we? Stout brings that out.

What to pair it with: Your semi-formals. Try pairing them, they look uber-cool.

LoganMidnight Black and Sunset Orange

Fit as a fiddle and sharp as adamantium claws. Takes its time to age and stays evergreen.

What to pair it with: Trendy florals!

Jobs in Bullet Silver

Jobs is inspired by... yes, you guessed it, Steve Jobs—minimalistic, mysterious and on point.

What to pair it with: Your favourite graphic tees and distressed trousers.


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