Types Of Personalities You Are Bound To Meet At A Concert

If you like to study people we reckon you go and visit a concert, you will have a plethora of personality to choose from—the die-hard fan, to the drunk, you name it. It’s an unlikely experience.  

On that note, here are a few personalities that we cross paths with while we are at a concert, we are sure you do too.   

The recorder    

Basically, they come to a gig to watch it through their phones and they go back home happy, but with bad footage!  

The die-hard fan

The obvious, but they add so much depth to the gathering. No just that, they know all the songs, and they get emotional too. Also, they are the ones who go home with a bad sore throat!

The head-banger

You see a lot of them, especially at a metal or an 80s rock concert. If you are one, we feel you!

The couple

They are the ones who do everything things together—even come to a music concert together. Half-an-hour into the gig, the girlfriend will be sitting on her boyfriend’s shoulders, for sure!

The just too into it

So, this is how you identify this individual look for someone who has his, or her eyes closed, backed with some major air-guitaring, and on-point lip-syncing… there, you have found em!   

The drunk

There. Is. One. At. Every. Concert! And the annoying part? They lose their senses and start dancing which brakes your flow! You know what we mean.

The fashionista

You will see more than one for sure—the boots, the bags, the tops, all in sync with the genre. They will not leave home with a pair of their favourite sunglasses, and other important knick-knacks.

The WTF is this?

They are the cribbers, the nit-pickers, and the unimpressed! Our advice, stay away from these people. They will turn your concert into a nightmare.  

The mosh-pit starter

The soul of a rock or a metal concert. They are the ones who really get the party started. Some might even get hurt in the process.  

The line breaker

This is the kind of person who needs to be swallowed at birth, like seriously. They are the last to enter, and first to lean against the divider—and nine out of ten times they are tall like a bamboo tree and the person behind them will not be able to see for shit!   

The catcaller

This breed of individuals are present everywhere—more in India, for sure. They are the ones who come to a Coldplay concert and ask them to play Walk Me Up When September Ends! Not nice.

The horrible singer

Ah, they make us want to turn into super Saiyans and beat the batshit outta them. We paid the singer to do that, not you, please. Know your limits.  

The stinker

Oh! We have all been there, right? Okay, if you haven’t, then we have! After the concert, you end of remembering the odour more and forgetting the concert. Yuck!

The merch hound

The most likely reason why they go to concerts—for the merchandise. Well, why not, the merch is 100 per cert authentic, and they might even get to sign it form the artist.

The fun guy/girl

Who doesn’t love this individual? They come to the gig to have fun, experience new things, and connect. Nothing more, nothing less!   

The unimpressed

Nothing catches their fancy! They will end your conversation with “Have you seen Dream Theater? This is nothing.” In a nutshell, they are Boman Irani’s character from Waqt!

The stoner

Magical properties are the foundations of any concert, so, finding an individual who is high as a kite is not a new thing. Relax, the only thing they are a threat to is a cake!

Which of these personalities above have you seen at a concert? Let us know in the comment below.  

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