Up-Close With Your Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses (for men), (popularly known as horn-rimmed glasses), are dubbed tortoiseshell frames because they are reminiscent of real turtle shells, with their all-around specked look. The patterns come in mottled yellow, honey and brown shell spots, similar to that of a turtle. An aesthetic fact—when compared to black or any other solid colour frame, tortoiseshell frames are much softer on the face and they supplement your complexion better.

Authentic tortoiseshell sunglasses (for women) is actually specific to vintage 50’s style, but the unethical animal-made versions first appeared on the eyewear market in the early 20’s.

Today, the most common material to represent the much-coveted tortoiseshell look is Acetate, so, you will be proud to know that no turtle(s) was harmed in making your beloved pair (the practice of using real turtles for making accessories was banned in 1970).

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are back in style

Emo, punk, indie, hipster, Goth, feminist, and counterculture fashion is key in reviving any trend. And Tortoiseshell/Horn-Rimmed Glasses were reborn in early 2000 because of them. Interestingly, they are back this year too, and for good reason. If you want people to take your game face seriously, these are the frames you should get. We think you should have them both—sunglasses and eyeglasses.   

How and what to pair them with


Since they are really versatile in their design, they go with almost anything—party wear, work, or a casual get-together with friends. But, we really like them when they come in round and rectangular shapes. They look great in eyeglasses too. So what are you waiting for? Start experimenting with your look today! 

If you are unsure of how to style your tortoiseshell sunglasses, maybe you should take styling cues from Nikhil Chinapa. See how he seamlessly pairs Pablo in Caramel Crush with an eye-catching tee? Minimal, and to the point.  

Glassic X Tortoiseshell

The Tortoise shell eyewear at Glassic is crafted out of handmade Acetate by the finest craftsmen, and we make sure that you get well-crafted quality eyewear that are at par with fashion trends in the world over. Further, they are affordable too. 

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