10 Funny And Strange Ways To Lose Your Glasses

Finding a pair of sunglasses you love is the easy part. Holding onto them—well, that’s the tricky bit. Until now, we hadn’t given this that much thought, but people do lose their sunglasses in more ways than one…us included! So here are ten funny, and strange ways you can lose your beloved sunglasses!

Place it on your head

Wearing sunglasses on the head

This is one of the most common things you see, not just with your sunglasses, but with keys, pens and many more. People are just absent-minded! Aren’t we?

Lose your glasses in a mosh-pit

A mosh-pit

If you know what a mosh-pit is then you also know that it’s brutal. When the music hits and people start pushing, you lose track of everything including your mind, your wallet. And God help you if you are wearing your favourite sunglasses and you drop it! RIP sunglasses.  

The eyeglasses vs sunglasses war!

Losing glasses

This is dedicated to people who wear eyeglasses, and love to wear sunglasses occasionally! You end up losing either of the two. How do we know? We have been there, done that. So that’s the reason we carry a satchel now.   

Your girlfriend borrowed them and keeps forgetting to bring them back

Girlfriend asking for something

People in relationships know it’s true, but they don’t admit it. Sunglasses, your jeans, your perfume, your shirt, your favourite Metallica t-shirt will all meet the same fate! We feel sad for you!  

Lose your glasses on roller coaster rides

Losing glasses on Roller-coaster rides

Yup, it’s not a question of ‘if’, but ‘yes it does’, we have seen it happen! Coins and change included! So the next time you want to get on a roller coaster and act cool will your sunnies on, make sure you have strap-locks on them, or else you will look like a fool!

You ran and fell

Ran and fell

This might be another one that can actually happen. Especially if you are competing. You might run into someone or because of bad lenses not see the path clearly. This is why it’s recommended that you buy sunglasses that come with polycarbonate lenses.

On a vacation

Vacation fail

Vacation. You are on the beach wearing your favourite beach sunglasses. Waves. RIP sunglasses!

You traded them for a snack!

Bater Sunglasses

Yes, because we have done it. Well, not for a snack, but traded our sunglasses with another person, for another pair, it was a barter! We regret our decision till this date!  

Crowded Spaces

Crowded spaces

If you live in India, you know that people end up losing anything and everything—especially in a crowded bus or in a Mumbai local. Sunglasses, phones and wallets are the first ones to go!

The ladies handbag—still a mystery

Ladies handbag

Let’s not even pretend on how things get lost in ladies handbags where they carry their entire world in there!

If you too have lost your glasses, fret not. Get yourself a new pair, right here!

Know of any other weird ways to lose your sunglasses? Let us know in the comments below!

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