Can You Wear Polarized Sunglasses At Night? Here's Your Answer!

Most people feel that it’s not appropriate to wear polarized sunglasses at night, but it’s not totally correct. We don't recommend you wear tinted lenses, but you can wear brown lenses or amber lens sunglasses when you are riding or driving as it starts to get dark—not particularly at night, but rather in the evening when it starts to get dark and everything around gets grey and misty and objects lose their sharpness.

  • Sunglasses for driving at night

  • The brown or amber coloured lenses make lamps, lights and road signs brighter and more visible. Sunglasses with light orange-coloured lenses can also be worn. They have the same effect. Research suggests that yellow-lensed (like Crosswind) glasses or anti-reflective night driving glasses makes you see well to a certain degree. 

    Crosswind in Amber Magic For Men

    Night driving glasses actually cut down on the amount of light you can see. The smart choice is to use prescription glasses that have an anti-reflective coating, which keeps light from bouncing around inside your lenses. And as a bonus, these glasses allow more light in. 

    Eyeglasses at Night

    An AR or anti-reflective coating eliminates light reflections from the front and back of eyeglass lenses. This coating is especially useful for high-index lenses, which tend to reflect more light than plastic lenses.

    Acetate frames Glassic

    Another benefit of an anti-reflective coating is that people will be able to identify you easily when you’re wearing them. Without the coating, they might see just a reflection of light when looking through your glasses. With an anti-reflective coating, the lenses will appear near invisible so they can clearly see your eyes and expressions.

    Wearing sunglasses at night for fashion

    Sunglasses at night time, a fashion statement

    Apart from the technical aspects, you can wear sunglasses in the dark if you want to because they look cool. Good examples of celebrities that wear sunglasses even indoors and at night are Anna Wintour and Elton John

    Anna Wintour wearing sunglasses inside

    Or, you can also wear sunglasses comfortably at night if you have an eye/health condition like Bono, or our homeboy Nikhil Chinapa. 

    Nikhil Chinapa Glassic Pablo

    No matter day or night, Nikhil Chinapa, one of the country's most popular DJ/VJ and actor, is seen sporting sunglasses. Ever wondered why? Nikhil shared the real reason behind it in one of his tweets (and in one of the episodes of Roadies Extreme).

    Nikhil Chinapa tweet

    He suffers from a thyroid problem which causes the muscles around his eyes to swell. This is why he is seen with one sunglasses or the other all the time. Here's him wearing Pablo in Caramel Crush.    

    Nikhil Chinapa Instagram


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