10+ Whacky And Weird Celebrity Sunglasses

Whacky, and weird celebrity sunglasses/eyeglasses make for eye candy accessories in fashion. Maybe this is the reason why a majority of celebrities wear these dope-looking sunglasses that garner a lot of eyeballs.

You might have seen whacky, and weird sunglasses on the internet, but wait until you see these outlandish sunglasses that were part of headlines and red carpets in the past.  

Shutter Shades

Kanye Shutter Shades

You might think that Kanye West popularised them, but Shutter Shades were there since the 50s. They are also known as slatted shades or Venetian Blind shades. Thanks to celebrities they are back in business.  

Brooke Candy’s Opulent Sunglasses

Brooke Candy’s Opulent Sunglasses

These over-the-top sunglasses were part of singer Brooke Candy’s video titled Opulence. The shades were designed by Natasha Morgan.

V Stiviano’s Full-Frontal Shade

Stiviano’s Full-Frontal Shade

Stiviano’s wore these Full-Frontal Shades when she faced the press during the Clippers–Donald Sterling controversy. Doesn’t get more cyborg than this!

Lady Gaga’s Jewelled Sunglasses

Lady Gaga’s Jewelled 'The Fame' Sunglasses

Singer Lady Gaga pictured with her iconic Jewelled 'The Fame' Sunglasses. She wore them on the cover of her debut album The Fame.

Miles Davis’s Shield Shades

Miles Davis Shield Shades

Miles Davis pictured in his Shield Shades. He was not just a prolific musician, but he has a mean sense of fashion too. His Shield Shades are a fine example of that.

Elsa Schiaparelli’s Feather Glasses

Elsa Schiaparelli’s Feather Glasses

Fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli’s Feather Glasses were designed for women who dared to be different. 

Elton John’s Palm Shades

Elton John’s Palm Shades

Elton John’s known to have the largest collection of sunglasses in the world, and his Palm Shades were one of them.

Amber Rose’s Vintage Chain Sunglasses

Amber Rose’s Vintage Chain Sunglasses

Amber Rose’s Vintage Chain Sunglasses. She wore it when she attended the Paris Fashion Week in 2009—with Kanye!

Beyoncé’s Fringe Shades

Beyoncé’s Fringe Shades

Beyoncé’s Fringe Shades. Beyoncé wore these metallic sunglasses in her 2008 video for the Sasha Fierce track Diva.

Lady Gaga’s Cigarette Shades

Lady Gaga’s Cigarette Shades

Lady Gaga’s Cigarette Shades. One of the sunglasses Gaga wore (for the jail yard scene) in her video for Telephone. Doesn’t get wackier than this!  

Bootsy Collins’s Star Sunglasses

Bootsy Collins Star Sunglasses

Bootsy Collins’s Star Sunglasses. Collins was known for his impeccable fashion sense. No wonder the 70s were so cool.  


Do you know of any other celebrities known for wearing weird and whacky sunglasses? Let us know in the comments below

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