11 Reasons Why Black Frames Will Always Be In Style

Black frame sunglasses or eyeglasses are here to stay—period! The reasons are pretty obvious, one is the fact that it gives the wearer mysterious vibes, also it makes everything look so cool.

Without giving much away, here are eleven reasons why ‘black frame sunglasses and eyeglasses’ will never go out of style.

It promotes a mysterious personality

Anna Wintour sunglasses

Black as a shade promotes mystery and embraces the unknown. It can be used to highlight things like knowledge and to separate oneself from the world. Put these characteristics in an accessory (like sunglasses) and you might have a winner. Further, it’s also linked to power and elegance too. Why do you think Bruce Wayne demands his accessories in black? 

The shade usually doesn’t express many emotions, rather, it conceals them, giving the person an air of superiority.

Black frames go well with any complexion

Fair girl wearing sunglasses

If you are someone who is picky about shades, or you are buying sunglasses for the first time then we recommend you pick black sunglasses. The reason is simple—black sunglasses go well with any type of complexion—light-skinned, fair, tan, medium or olive-skinned, black-coloured frames will suit all of these, rest assured.

They add to the ‘geek-chic’ look

Geek chic look sunglasses

The geeky look might not have been so popular in the 90, but it's a trend now. And this explosion is quite prevalent in the eyewear industry. Be it big-square frames, or geeky-looking round sunglasses, people keep an eye out for these designs. And they mostly come in black!

They bring focus to your face

Sunglasses face profile

While tortoiseshell frames also draw attention to your face, black sunglasses or frames, amplify that even further. Imagine deep black statement glasses on a warm summer afternoon, people will be able to spot your face from meters away!

They are classics


We should never forget this! Black frame sunglasses will never go out of style because they have been around for a long time now. So, owing to that black frame sunglasses should be the norm.

They are pop-culture approved

Audrey Hepburn sunglasses

Another reason why black frame sunglasses will never go out of style is the fact that they are so laced in pop-culture. Think about films like Terminator 2, Top Gun, The Matrix, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many more. After these movies released, sunglasses were not just simple fashion accessories. They gave them high street status.

A colour that goes well with any dress

Girl wearing sunglasses with floral shirt

Yup. Just like your complexion, it matches well with your clothes too. Denims, florals, checks, or tees, they mix like peas and potatoes.

It’s season proof

Summer sunglasses

A black-coloured frame also knows no season—the sun’s up, it’s raining, or cloudy, whatever the weather outside, it adds to your edge. Keeps you in character!

They help you blend in

Celebrity sunglasses

Black rimmed sunglasses (especially with tinted lenses) help you blend in. Ask any celebrity, and they will tell you just how. Camera flashes and everything. An excellent example is shown in films when the assailant wears dark glasses in crowded spaces to stay off the radar.

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The ‘fashion people colour’

Kim K wearing sunglasses

Black is considered a colour that is synonymous to people in fashion, so, any fashion accessory that comes out in this shade gives it a sense of style and relevance. Black sunglasses and eyeglasses included.    

Black rimmed eyeglasses trend for SS18

Black frame eyeglasses Stout

They are one of the colour trends this year followed by Earthy hues, vintage rounds, and more. Black frame eyeglasses are one of the best choices to pair with everyday activities since this colour never really goes out of style. Bold black eyeglasses can be a great accessory for formal outfits, such as white shirts and black suits.


These were few reasons why black frames are here to stay. Know of other interesting reasons? Let us know in the comments below.

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