Glassic Answers: Why Sunglasses Don’t Work In An Eclipse?

It’s really not wise to think that sunglasses have eclipse-worthy protection. Research suggests that looking at the sun during an eclipse might aid in a condition called solar retinopathy. In simple words, it damages your retina. This disorder is a painless one, but it has long-term effects that weaken your eyesight.

According to the American Astronomical Society (AAS), you need specific glasses for viewing the solar eclipse. So your sunglasses will not help!

But why?

Because the proper lenses for viewing an eclipse are rated at ISO 12312-2. There are similar to welding goggles, and there are only a few reputed companies that sell these glasses.

So, how do I watch the solar eclipse then?

You can view the solar eclipse using solar filters or with a DIY pinhole projector.

Learn how to build a DIY pinhole projector here.

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