Stylish Eyewear Guide For Millennial Women

Ladies love their accessories! And it would be safe to say that sunglasses and eyeglasses would be one of them. Whether it is to add to the outfit of the day or to shade the sun in style, eyewear just takes the look up one notch. Further, a woman in the right shades looks in charge.

On that note, here are some sunglasses and eyeglasses 101s to follow if you are looking for them but are sceptic about various aspects of the accessory. Fret not, this article will help you identify them.

Polarisation: Understanding the most important feature 

Polarisation vs non-Polarisation

Polarisation might sound complex, but it’s not. But first we must understand how light functions. When it reaches the earth, it’s absorbed, which is then reflected and refracted in all things we see around us—like sand, water, glass. Interestingly enough, when light reflects, it travels in a horizontal direction and hits the eyes causing visual irritation, and even partial blindness in some cases. This is a common near lakes, or beaches. And this can be kept under control using polarised sunglasses.

Know your face shape

Glasses for face shape

Yup! Before finding your perfect pair, it’s imperative that you know your face shape. This will help you identify what type of frame will suit you and accentuates your features.

Round Face

Round face shape

This type is characterised by fuller cheeks and rounded, full forehead and chin.

What suits

Square or rectangular because they are wider, also, they heighten your face by making it look slimmer and longer, thus adding poise to your features.

Oval Face

Oval face shape

An oval face constitutes a rounded, proportional structure and has a pointed chin.

What suits

If you have an oval face shape we reckon you look for a wide frame and something that look a bit geometric/linear in shape. These will help add to the aesthetic of your face.

Square Face

Square face shape

Square faces can be characterised with strong, wide foreheads, and the chins are equally strong and wide.

What suits

Look for something that moderates the angularity and sit high on the bridge of the nose. For instance, Oval or round sunglasses balance and add a thinner appearance to the angles of a square face.

Diamond Face

Dimond shaped face

This type of a face shape is narrow at the eye line and jawline, and have broad cheekbones that may be high and dramatic.

What suits

Get frames that sweep up or are wider than the cheekbones. Like cat eye glasses and oval frames, these frames heighten your cheekbones and add more to your features.

Heart-Shaped Face


This shape is characterised by wide forehead that narrows to a pointed chin.

What suits

Accessories that poise the width of the forehead with the narrowness of the chin are ideal. Eyewear with low-set temples and bottom heavy frame lines will add width to that narrower part of your face. 

Spring/Summer eyewear trends

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Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Authentic tortoiseshell sunglasses (for women) is actually specific to vintage 50’s style, but the unethical animal-made versions first appeared on the eyewear market in the early 20’s. 

Emo, punk, indie, hipster, Goth, feminist, and counterculture fashion is key in reviving any trend. And Tortoiseshell/Horn Rimmed Glasses were reborn in early 2000 because of them. And they are back this year too, and for good reason. If you want people to take your game face seriously, this is the glasses you should get.

Brown lens sunglasses

Last year was the year of translucent yellow lenses, and this year it’s the year for brown lens sunglasses. These type of sunglasses add so much curiosity to the face.  

Fun fact: If you are looking for multi-faceted sunglasses then see if you can get shades that pair with brown lenses. Also, brown lens sunglasses (unlike black lenses) suit almost anyone. 

Lavender For Desk to Dinner

Ultra Violet may be the Pantone colour of the year, but Red, Pink and Purple is the colour for the year as far as eyewear is concerned. These shades will really help you accentuate your features, for sure.

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Points to remember while buying eyewear

Girl wearing sunglasses on the beach

Sunglasses should always lift

Sunglasses look best when they lift the cheek and eye area at the bottom outside corners of the frames upwards. If that not happening then, your specs may make it seem like your facial features are floppy. It’s unattractive if it’s too high or sags downwards.

Your eyes should be centred within the frames

They don’t need to be an absolutely dead centre, but thereabouts is good.

Match the scale of the frames with your facial proportions

Please be aware of this factor because this is where many people make it, or break it. For instance, if you face is round, you should avoid wearing round shapes because they will add to your roundness. Sunglasses accentuate your face, so it vital that you know what suits you.

Follow the line of your brows

Choose a frame shape that mirrors the arch of your eyebrows.

Don’t be scared of extra width

Many people wear sunglasses that are too narrow for their face. Their eyes may be centred and the style tilts upwards, but the narrow width of the frames constricts the face. You want a shape that “opens up” the face, so add a little width to the top outside corners of the frames. It makes a world of difference.

Glassic Editor's Picks for Summer 2018

  • Ace: Top Selling From Our New Arrivals

  • These sunglasses carry with them a vintage yet contemporary vibe, and will pair with that crop top of your or even that printed shirt!

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    Governor: The most versatile and summer perfect 

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    They are popular because they are one of the most iconic shapes around. They are also known for being versatile because they look good on almost anyone (because of the frame size and the way it fits). If you are buying sunglasses for the first time, this might be an ideal choice. Know more Why Governor is our top-selling sunglasses ever!


    Round-shape sunglasses

    Harper Glassic

    Vintage, quirky and upbeat, these round-shaped sunglasses are great if you are looking to funk things up a bit. There are known to give a certain boho-chic appeal to your attire.

    The Evergreen: Black rimmed glasses

    Glassic Wayne

    For the ones who like to keep it minimal and monochrome, black-rimmed glasses are one of the trends this season. They are your usual suspects and they will never go out of fashion.


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