Glassic was started with the sole reason to disrupt the lopsided eyewear industry. To stick it to the Man. A typical David versus Goliath scenario. What began as a 2 member journey is now 9 members and growing. Serving 10,000+ customers has been amazing. But we want each and every Indian to wear a pair of Glassic eyewear.

We're a quality focussed company and that doesn't mean our only focus is just on our products. We love to work with smart, driven and entrepreneurial people who are independent, curious and passionate about solving a large scale problem.

You're used to putting in the long hours and racing against time to make things happen. You're not in for the money or the credit. These, you believe, will automatically follow it's way to you if you put in your best work.

Job Positions

Google Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager

SEO Manager

Content Writer